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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Perfect Lip for CNY.

One thing I hate THE MOST when I come back to Malaysia is the mosquitoes here! T_T They love my blood too much I don't understand why. I couldn't have a good night sleep yesterday and woke up at least 3 times because the bloodsuckers had been humming around my ears non-stop and my hands, legs and face were full of bumps and itchiness. 

Anyway, despite the lack of sleep, I've come up with a blog post to share with you guys! :)))))) Saw a lipstick tutorial and decided to give it a try! :) It's the sweetest lip make up ever! :) I think it'll be something perfect for CNY. :)

The result is something like this! :) Girly and sweet with gradient!

What I used:

1) Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
2) Chanel Le Rouge Intense Luminous Intense Lip Colour 102 Palpitante
3) Mentholatum Medicated Lip Gel
4) Sephora Lip Brush

How To Create The Perfect Girlish Lip?

1) Cover your original lip colour with BB cream or lip concealer.

2) Then use the lipstick only in the middle part of the lip.

3) Use your lip brush and gently brush out the lipstick so it blends well with the foundation/concealer.

4) You can repeat the process/adding more layers to get a better effect.

5) This is how it should look like.

6) Lastly add some transparent lip gel to create the glossy effect! :)

I'm absolutely in love with this lip look! :D

Super sweet and girlish! :D

Hope you all enjoy the post and happy trying! :DDDDDD

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