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Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Is Durian To You? (Shooting Day 2)

Just uploaded Blooper Video on Vimeo for the 4th time, and it has loaded to 53% and FAILED AGAIN. *face palm* So I decided to give up and wait for Maple's full video. T___T

Right, so this is the 2nd day of video shooting. We woke up like 7.30am and left around 8.30am! :) I have to say I loveeeee morning sun! :) Everything seems to be prettier in morning sunlight. Now that I'm having holidays, I usually sleep until 10am/11am everyday, so I often missed the best part of morning! :(

Picked up Zi Ying and saw these interesting trees with round yellow balls on it! :D So cute! Never seen this kind of tree before in Malaysia!

LOL, tourist shot with the tree WTF. XD

We went to Cherating again, and all of us were super sleepy.
*Unwilling face to start the day* Haha!

*Smack smack* Wakey wakey! :D

We had Maple's sister with us! She's Soo Hui. ^.^ She would be helping us to hold the camera while we do our dance shots. LOL.
Speaking of dance shots, actually the original plan that Maple had came up with was to let the tourist dance after he/she tried out the durian.
If he/she likes it, then he/she will dance "Party Rock Anthem".
If he/she hates it, then he/she will dance "I Knew You Were Trouble".

Pretty good idea, but very hard to carry out because most of the tourists were too shy to dance! They were only willing to speak and write/draw on the board.

So in the end, we decided to do the dance ourselves and paste it somewhere in the video LOL. There are some totally stupid/crazy dance moves especially in I Knew You Were Trouble. We acted like we ate some ecstasy pills or something.

LOL. 为艺术而牺牲,destroy all self-image already. XD But whatever la, don't really have any self-image to start with. HAHAHAHA!

NG like so many times, but finally got the okay shot. So tired, we all sat on the grass and rested.

My "shit I wanna get more sleep" face.

A very pretty sand turtle we found on the beach!

When it got to noon, it became soooooo hot I felt really dizzy under the sun. Long time didn't feel this kinda heat already. Had been in winter mode for months, and suddenly summer! Needs to reset my body to get used to the heat. :D

Ice cream came to the rescue! :D

We interviewed 4 persons today! 3 tourists and 1 our dear friend, Kim! :D The fun part was the 3 tourists we met today actually never try durian before, so this one is technically their very first time! The 1st person likes durian and would like to try it again. The 2nd and 3rd tourists hates it soooooo much they can't swallow it down.

This video shooting is so fun, we get to approach the angmoh friends who are having holidays here. All of them are really nice and friendly. We got interviewees from France, Finland, America, Australia, Malaysia etc! So happy to meet all these fun people! :D

Our tired faces. 

Guess now we'll just have to wait until Maple to do all the video-editing and wait for the outcome! :D

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