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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last Snow of 2012. :)

HEY GUYS, it's already 2013! :D I just had the craziest New Year's Eve ever. Will blog about it soon! LOL!

I will delay my last birthday post because still didn't finish edit the pictures. T____T Too many of them! So now I'll share the pictures of the LAST snow of 2012 in Shanghai! :D

Shanghai barely snows. Like really really REALLY barely. No kidding. You can only get to see the snow once a year, or maybe NONE.I wasn't expecting any snow for this winter because it seemed to be warmer than the previous winters. 

Anyway, I got a surprise on 29th December's afternoon when I looked out of the window. Big fluffy snow is flowing down from the sky together with........ the rain. YES, what a bummer. =.=''' Can I just have snow, and no rain please??? T____T With all the rain, I couldn't go out and let the snow fall on my head without getting wet or sick. T_____T

The amazing thing is, I woke up on 30th December morning and was greeted by the warm winter sun! :) You will know the joy if you see only gray rainy sky for daysss. :( 

When I looked out of the window, everything is white! :DDDDDDDD Of course I can't compare it with European countries that actually snow everyday in winter. The snow in Shanghai doesn't pile up, but some do gather on the cars or rooftops so it is a really pretty sight! :D

Happy me! :D

Forgot to wear my gloves and my fingers got badly frostbit after writing this on the car. LOL, but I'm too happy to care. XD

Some pictures from my room window!

The roof looks like it has just been painted! :)

Cars and bricks sprinkled with snow.

Icicles! :D How pretty!

View from the 18th floor of my conservatory's building!

And I just discovered WHY my air-conditioner/heater is making all those croaking sounds, and WHY the room is still so cold after I set the temperature to 32 degree.

All thanks to this.

Till the next post! :) Ciao!

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