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Sunday, January 27, 2013

What Is Durian To You? (Shooting Day 1)

I think I really spend this winter holidays to the full! :D All thanks to Maple because she roped us (Me and Zi Ying) in to help her in her English assignment: What Is Durian To You?

She can choose to present the assignment in whatever form she likes, such as compositions, videos, dramas, talent show etc, and she decides to go for video because it's so much more fun! :D The 3 of us will go to Cherating to find tourists and let them try out our king of fruits, Durian. Then we will ask them to describe the taste and write/draw on a board what they think about durian. 

Our target is to get the interview of 10 tourists and make it into a video! :D

Let's go! :D

#tired #eyebags

This is the first time we come to Cherating Beach! Can't believe we didn't come to this beautiful beach before!
I have to change my beach ranking already. Now Cherating is like the most beautiful beach I know. Awana Kijal will have to settle for the 2nd place!

It's funny that we wear long jeans and sneakers to the beach. Everyone there is looking at us like we are some aliens.
Beach should always be flip-flops+hot pants time! Haha!

Found our first tourist! A beautiful lady in the picture below! :D Forgot to ask her which country she came from. T___T She hates durian LOLLL.

Then Maple interviewed this really adorable Malay couple! :) They are super cute and friendly! Like most Malaysians, they love durians!

The 3rd interviewee we have here is a really cool surfer from Australia! He thinks that there should be a law banning durians. Hahaha!

We interviewed a few more people afterwards but I didn't have any pictures. T_T
Some pictures of us!

The awesome prop done by Maple! :D Very eye-catching!

Since we are taking a rest, we decided to make a blooper video of what WE think of Durian. LOL LOL.
We don't count ourselves inside the 10 interviewees of course! Just for fun. ;)

PS:I tried to upload the blooper video to Vimeo so I can share with you guys here, but I uploaded 3 times also failed. No idea why. T_T I don't want to wait already, so if I manage to upload it, I'll share it here kay? :)

This is what I think of Durian! :D

Ziying loves durian! :D

Maple neither like it nor hate it!


Haha, Ziying got so many bags and stuff on her!

We trying to act like we're very busy. XD



We are completely worn out after interviewing 6 tourists, so we decided to interview another 4 people tomorrow! 
Maple manages to contact our friend, Rocky Tan to join our interview at night, because he is super expressive so maybe we will have some great shots with him. LOL.

We went to find him around 9.15pm and done the shooting at 10pm. Then we went to Kemaman Station for some drinks before heading home and.......... we met our friends there! Such a coincidence! :D

Miss them so much! :) Took pictures with them! 
With Wei Yuan!

Choon Kiat is back from NZ! :D Didn't see him for a long time! He has nice purple copper hair now! :D

Our boss, Kah Win! :D Like his brown hair! :)))

Jiun Ming! :) Long time no see dude! Still taller than me hahaha!

Ze guys~

Ze girls! :)
  L to R: Ziying, me, Adeline, Maple.

91gengz's pictures using self-timer! :D hahaha!

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