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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Twins' Birthday 2013!

Update for today! :) The birthday party for the twins on 29th January 2013, which was just 2 days ago! :)

The twins, Choon Siong and Choon Kiat have been my friends since...... lemme see....... Form 1, so that is already 9 years! Super old friends already! Sadly, Choon Siong is now in Los Angeles so we couldn't celebrate with him, but lucky for us, Choon Kiat is in Kemaman! :) So yeah, we celebrated for him and tagged Choon Siong in all the birthday pics in FB! :D Hope he can feel our love from Malaysia! :DDD

Choon Kiat told me that there would be a celebration and that he would text me about it, but until 8.30pm I still didn't get any text, so I called him to make sure. He said he didn't know when and where yet, maybe they would just gather at KFC and eat something, and they would go around 9pm. 

I was like, "WHAT?! *look at the clock 8.42pm* I'm not ready yet!!! I need time to change!!!"
Haha, but in the end, I managed to change and make up in 15 minutes. I was amazed with myself too. Hahaha. At the same time, I got FB messages from Jiun Meng and Zhen Wei that I should gather at Zhen Wei's house after I was ready.

After getting to Zhen Wei's house, I realised there are 2 batches of people, first batch would accompany the birthday boy to KFC and eat with him, while the 2nd batch (including me), would wait for the birthday cake and surprise him later!

So after getting the birthday cake and waiting for all the 2nd batch ppl to get ready, it was already 10pm. =.= Hahaha, I waited in Zhen Wei's house for 1 hour and chit-chatted with his parents. :D They were so friendly and nice! 

Here's the special birthday cake! LOL! All kinds of flavours from Secret Recipe! :)

We decided to put the candles at 1st floor before meeting them upstairs.

Going up!

The candles won't light up, maybe it is too windy. :( So we gave up and take the cake straight to the birthday boy without lighting the candles. LOL LOL LOL.

He's still very happy haha!

Super funny present they got him! Errr, or actually KFC got him. Hahahaha! The FOC write-and-wipe kinda thing for kids! They wrote birthday wishes for him there. XD

Birthday boy lighting the candles himself. Still too windy, so need the help of the cake box to shield the cake while the candle-lighting ceremony continued. XD

 After candle-blowing and wishing part, pictures with everyone are definitely not to be missed!

Kiat decided to give a birthday present to his twin bro in LA! ;) Present making in progress!

TADAA! Hahaha! The one and only Ipad!

Lots of love for you, bro.
XOXO, Kiat.

Group picture! :) 

Here's the cake-sharing part. Everyone take a piece of cake and eat! Hahaha!

But then everyone can't finish the whole piece without getting tired of the flavour, so there was the......

CAKE-FEEDING SESSION. Hahahahaha! The cakes are divided into small portions and feed to everyone like this~~~

We left KFC around 11.00pm. Half of us decided to go home and another half continued to Zhen Wei's house for some gambling! Hahaha! Since my house in just one street away from Zhen Wei's, I decided to join them and see how they gamble! 

I have no idea how to gamble. LOL. Never gamble before in my life.

2 guys at the back playing basketball game and the 4 people in front gambling! LOL.

Dai gors~

I kinda got a little bit hang of how to gamble, and then Jiun Meng lent me some money to try out. I won the 1st round and lost the 2nd. XD 
Aish, I'm totally not good at it. XDDD

Then it was almost 12am, I promised my mom to get back before 12, so I said goodbye to all the friends and get 2 more pictures with the birthday boy before I left! :)

1st picture with Jiun Meng the photobomb! Haha!

So yeah that's all for today! :) Happy reading!

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