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Monday, January 21, 2013


Getting pretty obsessed with cats right now after visiting the Cat Cafe in Shanghai. LOL.
So now if you guys have my facebook, your homepage is probably spammed by tons of cat-pictures-sharing. Sorry about that. LOL.

And now I'm going to spam my blog with fluffy cat pictures as well. Hahaha. I got all the pictures from Catbook, feel free to go and like their page! :) 

I love all the fat and fluffy cats. LOL. No offence but I don't really like skinny ones. 
You show me any cute, round, fluffy animal, I'll die hyperventilating over its cuteness. XD Yes, I'm prejudice like that. Who says skinny is the best? Tsk tsk.

Mommy, I felt a bug!

I felt a bug too!!!

Must keep belly warm during winter.

This is so like my bunny. I bought all kinds of toys for him, he doesn't even look at them, instead he destroys other stuff. T______T


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! The contrast! :D 

Fluffy bed. :)

Cats always want your full attention. They do it using all sorts of despicable methods.

For example: act cute.

Going all gangster-ish about it.

Or maybe downright creepy. LOL.

Vampire cat!

Remember not to go fishing with your cat. You might end up with an empty pail. :)

If cats are to go for a work interview, it can show some fascinating resume. :)

This cat is even fatter than the baby! TROLOLOL!

The perfect definition of I HATE YOU..... but.... I LOVE YOU.

:) Hope you enjoy reading!

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