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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Will The Tooth Fairy Come Tonight?

Beware, this post is going to be all about my gruesome wisdom tooth surgery, which is totally bloody and gross. 

Last summer (July 2012) when I came back to Malaysia, I went to visit my dentist and he told me that I had 2 wisdom teeth coming out and it would be real trouble if I don't get rid of them. So I went to see him again this time now that both of the teeth already grown out. And the bottom one actually grown slanted! T_T

Dr Ling (my dentist) shook his head when he saw it, he said I must got rid of the slanted tooth ASAP or else it would be a real torture soon. Since that it was grown slanted, he would have to take it out by surgery! O.O!!! 

It got scarier when he said I was to go to a clinic nearby to get an injection first before the surgery, because this surgery might scrap my bone a bit which might result in very swollen cheek for 2 weeks! I was so scared when I heard it. Anyway, he said that wouldn't happen after the injection.

So yeah, I went to the clinic nearby and got injected on my butt. T_T Really painful okay?!?!
The most horrible part was still the surgery part. Dr Ling injected some narcotics into my gum and after 30 mins, the surgery started. T_T

It was so crazily horrifying when I could see him holding all the sharp tools in his hands. Then he started to drill my teeth, I could feel the sensation even though I didn't feel the pain. My hands were trembling and I held the dentist assistant's hand for mental support. I bet I squeezed her hand really hard but she was really nice she didn't complain. LOL.

After drilling, then the dentist used a knife to crack my teeth into 2, but that didn't work out, so he drilled again. Every second felt like an hour to me. I just keep on staring at the ceiling, wishing that it would finish soon, trying to hypnotize myself focusing on the lamp.

15 minutes later (which felt like a century), the tooth was finally out, and I sat up feeling totally shaken. I was mumbling "thank you" when the assistant said "Wait a minute! I need to clean your face first." She took a towel and mopped my face. I was aghast to see the white towel turned to red! O.O MY FACE WAS FULL OF BLOOD WTH!!!!!!

I asked the dentist to give me the wisdom tooth as a souvenir, it was really bigggg, now I understood why it took so long to take it out. Phew. And the surgery costed RM 380. =.=''' Guilty max. Sorry dad and mom. :(

I've heard some fairytales about tooth fairy who will come to visit the children who put their teeth under the pillow. Must be some kinda nice excuse for mothers to persuade their kid to go see the dentist so they could see the beautiful tooth fairy at night. Haha. I would never put my teeth under the pillow! Feel too gross. LOL.

The narcotics was wearing out and I could feel the pain already. :'(
Only can drink beverages and no eating. Perfect for diet. LOL.

Btw, say hello to my new Samsung Galaxy SIII phone! Wheeee! Remember my last post "I Lost My Phone and Gotten Iphone 6"
That post got like 570 hits in a day, which was a big surprise to me. Guess Iphone 6 sounds too good to be true huh? Haha! Everyone wants to have the NEWEST IPHONE! They should all feel like killing me after reading the post. Hahahahaha!

So this time, it's for real. I didn't get Iphone 6, but I got the lovely Samsung Galaxy SIII! Loving its camera! Will update instagram more often now! :)

LOL. People who don't want to see gross picture just scroll down and skip this picture.

Here's my big wisdom tooth. The shape is really like the tooth we saw in the teeth-brushing ads! This is my first time looking at a real tooth. Hahaha. Last time went to pull out my teeth, I didn't bother to look at all. XD

Some painkillers and meds to prevent my cheeks from getting swollen!

I'm praying that the wisdom teeth on the right side of my cheek will not grow out, though Dr Ling said both sides will definitely grow out. There's no cases like only wisdom teeth from one side of the face grow out and the other side doesn't. T_T

So the only thing I can hope for now, is that the coming wisdom teeth will not grow slanted, so I don't need to suffer through this again! 

Till the next post, XOXO!

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