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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Food Poisoning.

Yesterday was pretty much the shittiest day in my life.
Waking up with a sharp pain in my tummy and threw up all the supper I ate last night. Diarrhea non-stop and feel like thousand little needles jabbing into my abdomen. 

I know that feeling so well, being someone who has a weak stomach. I pretty experience food-poisoning at least twice in a year. FML. T___T

I got out some food-poisoning meds I stored in my drawer and downed them into an empty stomach, too weak to go out to look for breakfast. I felt slightly better after half an hour and remembered I had a gig rehearsal to attend and it was too late to find someone to replace me. So I pulled myself together, walked out and got some porridge to drink on the way. 

In the end, I couldn't even hold my head up after 15 minutes the gig rehearsal started. The pain came back and doubled, it was frightening. I started to think maybe I ate the wrong meds. I'm grateful that the manager there decided to let me off early.

Went to the hospital emergency and got the blood test and stuff. Shown the doctor the meds I ate and he said they weren't right. I was like, SHIT, fine.
Though I was totally right about myself being food-poisoning. Spent RMB 200 for this checkup FMLx2. T____T

After that, spent an hour and a half sitting at the 2nd floor of the hospital taking drips, feeling hungry and felt like my stomach was bruised all over. Didn't eat anything afterward either. Doctor said something about not eating meat, oily stuff, spicy/cold food. That basically mean EVERYTHING TASTY. T____T
Though I didn't heed his advice at all, ate Japanese set lunch and Thai food for dinner today LOL LOL LOL. XD

My sickly face before going to the hospital. 

Just had the last gathering with Rena and Xing Xing! T___T Rena is leaving for Italy soon. I'm sure she'll do great over there because she has such talent, and has such a warm, sweet and adorable personality, everybody just gonna love her!
It's very hard to find friends that really go along with us, people that you'll feel happy when you see him/her, who you can talk to her about everything and have lots of fun together. Rena is exactly someone like that to me. 

I will miss her badly. :'(

Going to update all the pics of her farewell parties soon. 

Night peeps. 


  1. the title urging me to read your post immediately. you sick face doesn't look pale at all la and take care for the people who care about u(not me, me is one of the little one la,hahaha), but then u still go to eat thai and italy cuisine, ...ntg to say...take care la

    1. Thank you for the concern dear, yeah I really should heed the advice, coz it has been 4 days and I will still have bloated tummy when I eat anything. :( Feel very uncomfortable. :(

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah much better already! :) Thanks for the concern! :)