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Monday, January 7, 2013

My 21st Birthday Celebration! :) (At Fat Mama)

One more exam to go and I'll be free! :DDDDDD
Just feel like updating my rusty blog. I still have so many stuff from 2012 to blog about! LOL. And also my crazy NYE!!! I'll blog all about them after my exam! :))))

Now finally I get to sit down and start typing about my birthday celebration. LOL.

You know, 21st sounds like a big deal, because it's the LEGAL age. Whoohoo! Feels like I'm finally an adult after 21 years living on the Earth. Hahaha! Legal to have alcohol/smoking/driving. Whatsoever, not that I do any of them, okay, driving yes, but that was a long time ago. XD Now I can't even drive on the road. Sad case. T____T Too panic to be on the road. T_____T

LOL, enough rambling! Let's get on to pictures! Nothing explains it better than pictures. So yeah. ;D

We celebrated my 21st birthday at Fat Mama! :D Super cute name right? Really have to thank Xing Xing for that! I handed over the dining-place-decision baton to her and she did a great job while having her exams. T___T So sorry darling! And thank you for choosing such a wonderful place! :)

Fat Mama is an incredibly cosy Italian restaurant that is not really big, but the deco and food is amazing. :)
We have these amazing breads which are right out of the oven, crispy at the outside and soft in the inside, perfect to go with olive oil! :) Yummms!

There are really x'mas deco like snowmans, golden bells and little presents on the table! Though the candles are a bit dangerous because one of the deco almost caught fire! O.O

All my lovely babes celebrating with me for the night! Eh, where's Jiu Yi? :D

Here's the boss of Fat Mama! He's super funny and gentleman. :) The food is really really awesome! :)

Pictures of us credits to the boss!

Savouring the bread. Nomnomnom.

With my darling Yiguo! :)))))) Love her lots!!! Gee, I look so dark beside her! T____T

My babes, Ming Zhuang and Jiu Yi! :)))) The prettiesssss!

And the sweety-pie Christina and cutest Columbia girl ever, Erika! :D

Who do we have here? Our most beloved superstar, Xing Xing and cute cheeky Ellen! Hahaha!!!

The very unique mushroom soup. Very different from those white creamy kind that we usually have in other Italian restaurants. This one is like soooooo good I dunno how to start. :)

Lasagne! :) Thumbs up x 10000

Pasta, thumbs up like x 10000 too! :) The price of the food there are higher than average, like about RMB 75 to RMB 90 per dish, but the taste, is just heavenly! It's worth it! :)

I'm taking a picture with the snowman and Xing Xing keeps kacau. LOL!!!

You see her fingerrrrrr!!!!

Finally can get a solo pic LOL LOL! Xing Xing tired already hahahahaha!

Ze PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!

A very artistic picture I snapped. XD

The girls already started taking pictures when I went to the washroom, HOW CAN?!?!?!! Wait for meeeeee! XD

All of us! :)

Then the boss gave me this molten chocolate cake with a candle on it and everybody started singing birthday song! :) Thank you! :)))))))

Take a picture with the boss before blowing off the candle!

Make a wish. :) Xing Xing was saying, "Can you wish something for me too???"
And I said, "I wish your hair will get longer tomorrow." LOL! Coz she just cut her hair and she's like so unhappy with the new hair, she wanted her long hair back badly, though I really think she looks cute in this short hair too! :D

Then Xing Xing stole my wish. HAHAHA! She was like, "God please gimme my long hair backkkkkkkk."

My face was like "EHHHHH THIS IS MY WISHHHHHHHHHH!" Ngehehehe!

The moment I blew off the candle, Xing Xing used her finger and put some flour on my nose, so I returned the favor. XDDDD

Looks like Indian girl here! LOL!!!

Then it's present time! Thank you darlings for all the lovely presents!!!!! *Gan Dong maxxxxx*

Boss also joined in the fun! LOL!

Unwrapping the present from Ming Zhuang and Jiu Yi! :)

It's a really nice bangle! :))))

And then the present from Erika, she wrote me a really sweet card! :)

And she gave me music-notes-necklace! :) So pretty!!!!! There are 2 of them, I'll show clearer pictures of all my presents in the next post! :)

A random picture of Xing Xing where her hair looks like bob hairstyle here. XD

Christina gave me an Awfully Chocolate cake! :DDDDDD Which I spent the whole morning scooping this sinfully tasty dessert into my mouth and indulging in the richness of the chocolate. :) *craving for it now!*

Present for darling Ellen! :))))

Ellen gave me this awesome music notepad that is extremely useful to me! I have an identical one but the notepads inside is depleting so fast because I always need to jot down all my gig infos on them, so I'm really really glad to get a new one! :)

I was really shocked when Yiguo gave me the second present!!!!
Remember in the last post, she already gave me the awesome ZARA jackboots a day before, and I'm like eternally grateful. Then on my actual birthday she gave me another present!!!!! A hair-curler/straightener! O.O

OMG!!! So amazing! 
LOL, I guess she's tired of me going to her house and badgering her to do my hair every time I have some events or something, so she get this for me so I can do my hair myself. HAHAHAHA! :D Thank you so much darling! I really love it!!! Will have to spend sometime trying to figure out how to use it. LOL.

Xing Xing had been very mysterious about her present. LOL. When I got to Fat Mama, she placed the present under the table and when I sit down, she suddenly stared at me and said, "DID YOU SEE IT?!"

I was like "See what?" *scared face*
Then Xing Xing immediately hid the present further under her chair. LOL LOL! What's inside, really makes me curious! Haha!

So now I can finally see what's insideeeee! XD 
It's something from Forever 21! :D

Wheeeeee! It's a really adorable floral bag!!! I can't wait to bring it back to Malaysia to use it! :DDDDDD Can use it for all seasons, hearts max! Thank you darling!!!!
Clearer pictures in next post yeah!

Thank you my pretty darlings for this beautiful beautiful bangle!!!!! It's very pretty! Will wear it really often! :))))) muaahhhh!

Some pictures with my babes!

Okay, have to hit the sack now because there's still the last exam awaiting me next morning and my head is getting dizzy right now.
Will blog about the other half of my birthday celebration in Shanghai Brewery tomorrow! 

Stay tuned!!!! Byeeeee!

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