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Monday, January 28, 2013

Like Good Old Times.

Finally a decent get-together with all my dear old friends from 91G after 2 weeks I get back to Malaysia! :) So happy to see everyone again! It's super funny that once we all get together, we will seem like we have endless topics to talk about. It was like good old times, we will always be the most noisy bunch of people inside Kemaman Station! Hahaha!

We will usually listen to the guys blow water until everyone drowned listening to them. Hahaha, or the girls will do their girls' talk and the guys talk their guys' stuff. Or maybe everyone started gossip about EVERYTHING. Like, hey hey that whowhowho now whatwhatwhat, you know? XDDDD It was so fun! XD

Hello Qian! Haha she got her long-awaited books! And after talking with her, I really want to watch a lot of Korean dramas badly. Maybe I will watch 仁显王后的男人 first, and then 拥抱太阳的月亮 and then "Missing You". *Though I highly doubt I can finish all LOL LOL. I still didn't finish the last season of Gossip Girl yet, and once the new semester start, I wouldn't even have time to watch ANYTHING. T____T*

Ze twins, Chien and Kit! :D Their Terengganu Malay slang so geng! I salute them! Hahaha! I laughed until wanna die listening to them talking to each other using super authentic Malay slang!

With Ah Wei! :) Hmm, bent too low so ekhem.. a bit zou guang, censored with cute red fox hahaha. Paiseh.

Ah Ming got a new hairstyle! :) Nice one!

With Beckson! :D Another 91G's dai lou besides Kah Win! Woohoo! :D

With Ah Zhen. :)

And of course my lengzai cousin, Chern! He really is getting more handsome everytime I see him. Hehehe!

My forever awesome bro, Zhung Kiang! :) Always positive and supportive. ;) 

With cute Ah Ngui! :DDDD Love his smile!

With Ah Mai, who's always so cheerful and likes to joke! LOL!

#vain pots

With Daren See Luck! :DDD I've heard of his brave story of sending food to the victims of the flood! 

Lin Wei! :DDDDD So happy to see him! Seldom get to see him when I come back!

Fells so good to meet up with them and can't wait for the others to come back and we will gather again soon! :)

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