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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nom Nom and Fatty Bunny Video! :D

As usually, updating my blog after 10pm, coz my dorm's rule says No Practising After 10pm. :( 
(LOL, actually it says 9pm I guess but I don't care. :X hahaha!)

Going to write about all the remaining pictures in my camera and phone now! Activities that I've done this week. :D

Some shots from the photoshoot day! :D
Btw shooting for online shop is a tiring thing because in China, all they care is MONEY MONEY MONEY. :(

Why do I say so?
Coz wherever we went to take pictures, there'll be people coming to chase us away, even at public places like outside a shopping mall also cannot!!!
They want us to pay them first before taking pictures there.

Come on!!! It's "public places" okay?! We didn't take pictures inside any of the shops, what's wrong with that?

They will just tell you, "Well, it's the rules, if you take any photos for business purposes here, then you have to pay money."

So we have been chased around by that super annoying security guard so in the end we got mad and we stopped at a cafe and ordered a pot of rose tea for RMB 96 so that they'll let us take pictures there.

Finally we could sit comfortably and no need to run around like thieves wth. =.='''

A small pot of tea for freaking RMB 96, enough for me to have 3 meals. ZZZ.

Self snapping at the cafe.

With the pretty rose red tea LOL.

The little pot of rose tea for 3 persons. I have to say the teapot and the cups look very pretty. Haha! Worth the price laaa. XD

 This time Yiguo joined in the photoshoot too! :D There she is, shooting inside! :D Love this picture!!!!

This is our photographer of the day! Sister Xiao Hu! :DDDD She's a professional photographer who works in a studio! :D

The cafe we were at! Black Magic Chocolate! :D  Very nice place actually! :D
I really like the ambience there and the waiter/waitresses are super adorable too! :D

After the photoshoot, have steak as dinner with Yi Guo. :)
We went to Tokyo Restaurant, but the steak there was just so-so. :(
Abbey Road's one is so much tastier!

Here're some food pictures from the dinner with Yi Guo 2 days ago! :D
We dined at H2. :)
I blogged about it last time in my old blog. It's a very nice and cosy Italian restaurant, very very small in size but the food is amazing, and the price is pretty cheap too! :D

Mushroom soup there is the best mushroom soup I've ever tried! :D

The must order dish: Carbonara!

Quesadilla? Is it the right name? LOL. 

Fruit salad. :D

And pictures from the dinner YESTERDAY. XD
Yes I know right! I have pictures of dinners everyday. XD LOL!
The hardest question that I've to face everyday is, "Where should we go to eat later?"
Really, the hardest question ever. T_T


Btw, here are my 2 beautiful new Korean friends! They are freshmans too!
Chae Won on the left and Jin Soul on the right!

I posted this picture on my instagram and FB. A lot of ppl liked and mostly are boyssssss hahaha! I suspected they're all Korean pop stars fans. XDDDD

Guys, control yourselves pleaseeee hahaha!

Well, can't blame them, Korean girls are just super adorable!!! :DDD

Dinner at Tsui Wah restaurant, Hong Kong cuisine!
Though the stuff that we ordered were all Non-Hong-Kong food. LOL.

My Tom Yum shrimp noodle. XD

Chae Won and Jin Soul's Vietnam spring roll. :D

Ellen's tofu thingy in spicy soup. :D

Ming Zhuang's Sze Chuan spicy pork noodle.

As you can see I've been eating so many yummy stuff EVERYDAY.... which results in......


Hahaha! Got heart attack or not????
Posted this picture in FB and a lot of ppl liked too, they all say I look very cute with double chin. LOL. 

Actually I also think I'm very cute like this. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

*credits to Jimmy for this pictures LOL*

And this is a picture after dinner today!
Rena and I went to Xing Xing's room to try out this really interesting wedding pancake she brought from Armenia after her eldest sis's wedding!

It's beautifully wrapped! :D 
Xing Xing told us that they danced with this pancake during the morning wedding ceremony, which I think must be really cute!!! :D

It tastes really yum too! :D

 Lastly, a video of my fatty bunny eating his kiwi snacks. 


Haha! Alright, that's all for today! Sweet dreams peepo!

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