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Thursday, September 20, 2012

MuXiaoPai's Home Autumn Collection ONE.

Violin class 2mr morning fml.
So it'll just be a picture post before I go to sleep!
Got the pictures from the online shop photoshoot FINALLY, and I totally loveeeeee the pictures!

Told you Sister Xiao Hu is a great photographer! Haha!
Really like the style of the clothes this time, simple and cool. :D
Pretty much the style I'm going for now. I'm kinda stop liking those too cutesy girly style. O___O What's happening to me? LOL.

Grey cardigan is love.
Easy to match with almost everything! And I really love longer cardigans because they look really sleek, don't you think?

And mainly because it balances up my height, so I won't look too ridiculously tall LOL.

Interesting design at the back!

This is the very first set of clothes I wore for the shoot that day so I got pretty stiff taking pictures in front of so many strangers.

So to relief my tension, Sister Xiao Hu asked me to walk around and she'll take my candid shots. :D

And I love these pictures in motion! :D

More detailed pictures!

Simple white top that I loveeeee! Surprise at the buttons part! :D Comes in 2 colours: black and white. :D

Jeans and shoes are my own. Kekeke. :D

At Black Magic! 
That's me wearing the black top of the same design and threw on the leather sleeveless jacket. :) 


Will update more tomorrow!

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