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Saturday, September 22, 2012

MuXiaoPai's Home Autumn Collection TWO.

Hello peeps! How was your day? Miss me? :P

I basically have gigs like EVERYDAY now so I get totally worn out at the end of the day. I'm really sorry for the lack of updates.:(

Anyway I seriously SHOULD update more because all my pictures are pilling up, waiting for me to blog about them. LOL.Almost everyday I have materials to blog about. Good thing living in Shanghai, it's such a happening place!

Well, I guess for now I should continue blogging about the online shop photoshoot!

In this post I'll share 2 really sweet cardigans in the collection!

Cardigan NO.1

This is a superrrrr sweet cardigan! The golden ribbon-shaped buttons are just too cuteeee! :D

Btw love the shoots at Black Magic Chocolate!

All candid pictures again LOL.

Sister Xiao Hu(photographer) says that it's best to take my pictures when I don't know I'm being taken. XD

Was checking out some pictures in my phone haha.

Drinking the RMB 96 pot of rose tea.


Check out the ribbon buttons! :D *love*

Cardigan NO.2

Cute stripey cardigan with love-shaped buttons! :D It comes in 2 colours! I'm wearing the blue stripey one, you will see the red stripey one at the end of the post hehe. :D

Really love the buttons!!!
I don't like usual round buttons heh.
I like cute special buttons like the ribbon one and this! Or a row of buttons of different shapes, sizes and colours put together! That's much more fun!

Forgot why I was so happy about. LOL.

The 2nd colour!

The size of the pictures are pretty big so it uploaded pretty slowly.
I'll have to update in another 2 more posts I guess. Haha!
Do wait for me! :D

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