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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nightlife at Zeal: My Very First Time Clubbing.

Yes, I know. I'm a typical "good girl". LOL.

I've never been to any club before in my life, although my uncle told me that it will be good if I can go clubbing at least once in my lifetime, to get an idea of what clubbing is.I'd love to try it out too, but I didn't have the company or the chance to.

And then the chance waved at me, yesterday night, when Xing Xing asked me to join them at Sandra's party. :D
I was like, "Ohhhh Sandra the gorgeous French girl? What party is it?"
Xing Xing, "It's at a bar/club place called Zeal near The Bund. It's going to be pretty nice I think."
So I agreed! :D 

We had Rena and Jimmy with us too! The more the merrier! Hehe!

All the coming pictures are taken using Jimmy's iPhone.
My camera sucks at night, so I totally give up on it. T___T
Let pictures do the talking!

We were to get to Zeal at 11pm, so we got a cab around 10.45pm.
Pictures in the cab credits to Jimmy! :D

L to R: Rena the cutie, me and Xing Xing!

I'm thinking of trimming my fringe now that I see how bad it looks in these pictures. T____T And probably dye it some other colours. Now it's pudding hair again, half black half brown. T____T

Finally we were right in front of Zeal! Sandra and her boyfriend weren't there yet, so we snapped some pics outside while waiting for them.

No idea why our eyes are so shiny. LOL.

Poor Jimmy getting really desperate to find a washroom but couldn't find any. So he was stuck with 3 girls who kept demanding him to take pics of them. HAHAHAHAHA!

Hello Jimmy! Hahaha! He was upset that we all were wearing high-heels that night.
He was like, "It's SO UNFAIR. Why are you guys so tall???"
So if you see closely, you can see he's secretly tip-toeing in the pictures to look taller. HAHAHAHA!

*pics credits to Xing Xing!*

Then there came this really nice couple who volunteered to take pics for the 4 of us! :DDDD
So nice of them! Thank you!!!

Sandra and her boyfriend came!
One last picture before going inside!

At the ground floor, waiting to register our names. It was a pretty exclusive place so we needed to pre-book our places with Sandra beforehand. 

They asked for our names and searched in an iPad to check whether we were registered in it or not. Then we paid RMB 50 entrance fee for each person to get in.

Ahhh finally no shiny eyes!
The girls!
Us with the pretty pretty Sandra! :DDDD

You can see there're a lot of people waiting already!

Going up to the 6th floor!
Waiting for the lift. :)

Pictures inside ZEAL.
The place is awesome.
Lighting, music, DJs and our company. :)

Everyone was enjoying themselves!

And now I found out that Jimmy is VERY GOOD at self-snapping. O____O

We sat together with Sandra, her boyfriend, her bosses and more of her friends. :)
Thank you to them for treating us the drinks!

I got myself a glass of whisky, but I only sip it twice and didn't drink it anymore. T___T
Sorry for wasting, but I really don't like the taste. T____T

Dancing to the music! :D

That's Sandra's boyfriend behind us! :D


Oh yea, there are 2 gorgeous dancers too. 
They have really gorgeous faces and are super slim! And they danced really well too!

They're not strippers I can assure you. They just dance and are super hot! :D

Rena and I was watching them and saying, "OMG they look so hot!"
I want their hair can? Especially the blonde one! She looks so much like Blake Lively! :DDDDD

Darling Xing Xing and me! :D

More self-snaps with Jimmy! :D

We stayed until 2am and went back to the dorm!
Picture of our ZEAL wristbands! :D Teehee!

I think clubbing will be fun if you go with the right company.
Thank you Sandra and her friends for the really fun night! :D It was a pretty awesome experience! :D

Though I think I will not go clubbing so often, maybe just once a year will do. Hahaha. It's just not really my thing. :D

Anyway, now I can tell my uncle I've tried clubbing ALREADY! WHEEEEE! :D

Okay I really should get some sleep now! Night peeps! :D


  1. You grabbed on of the only possible shots of seeing me singing in a club haha. Very nice post and I hope you'll be with us again for your yearly clubbing experience :)

    1. Haha! Hey Paul! :D Really thank you for inviting us that night! It was an awesome experience! :D Your singing shot will go viral on the internet I promise! LOL!
      Merry x'mas!!