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Saturday, September 28, 2013

In Fake France & Feeling Annoyed. :(

Hey babes, I've gone MIA for almost 3 weeks. :( Many things happened and I'm not really feeling like my old jolly self again. Probably not going to get her back for a long time. 

Anyway just a picture to remind myself I once smiled/laughed like this before. Hahaha.

Okay now that sounded too sad, I don't want to spread negative energy in my blog so I think I'll spread my anger instead. LOL LOL. At least anger is not depression right? :D

I want to rant about the worst gig I've been to this month! 

2 weeks ago I was asked to go to this gig at NanTong and since the pay was not so bad I happily went. There were 2 vans sending all the performers over to that place called The Louvre (copy the France's Louvre wtf make it sounds very high class like that).

The Louvre is a place selling villas, does sound pretty high-class isn't it? We were all like "Wow, this place is so beautiful!" when we got there. 

Then things went bad. Like a delicious-looking food actually turned out to taste stale and yucky. The people working there were seriously really....... I can't find the word...... stupid, uncivilised, brainless? Maybe a mixture of all.

We were brought inside an unfinished villa with no furnitures or whatsoever and the whole building smelled like dust and paint. We had to wait there for 4 hours until the event started and there was not A SINGLE CHAIR for anyone!!!!!!!! We talked to the manager there about it and he was like, "I'm sorry I'll go ask about it." After a while, he came back with some newspaper and said, "Uhm, everyone is busy so nobody can get chairs over here. You guys just spread these newspapers on the floor and sit on the floor yeah."

HE ACTUALLY SAID IT IN A MATTER-OF-FACT KINDA WAY. Like oh you guys just sit on the floor lah I don't have time to attend to you guys. WTH IS THAT?!?!?!?!!

We tried to complain but they just kept saying we couldn't do anything also and walked away. FYI, there was another Western jazz band that came with us and they were brought to another nicely furnished villa and rested comfortably. LOL. 

My friends were like, "They're so biased! They treated foreigners that way and Chinese this way!" And one of them said to me, "You should tell them you're a foreigner too, I bet they'll treat you really good." I was like, "That's not the point! They should treat everyone the same!!! Wth is this racist thing wtf?? And they think we're some kinda slaves or something?"

And the food they provided us was something really disgusting. A bowl of rice with half an egg, a few pieces of vege and a hotdog. That's it. 

Excuse me, it is a goddamn place that sells villa and they can't even provide a decent restroom/food for their performers can you imagine?!?!?!!!

I'm not expecting very luxurious things but at least a lil bit of respect? Now we just feel like we're a bunch of animals/clowns thrown inside a disgusting dusty place feeding on the pitiful pigfood. And their attitude was not anything better too. They had that "I'm a more high-class people than you bunch" expression on their face. WTF?!?!??!?!?!?!?!!! Just like what my friend said, "我们学艺术的,他当我们是卖笑的?"

We really just wanted to leave that stupid place and threw the money on their faces and said, "I QUIT! Nobody want your goddamn money!" but that place was like 2 and a half hours away from Shanghai, and nobody knew where was the train station and everything so we had no choice but stay put.

Finally after putting up with the disgustingly oily food and sitting on the dusty floor, the dinner started and we went and played our parts. The dinner was grand and everything but we were in really foul mood.

There was this really bitchy woman that we called "The Witch", because she was wearing all black and got this frowning expression on her face all the time. She wanted us to stand on the stage in our high-heels and played for 1 hour. And then we told her it was impossible because one of us were having her period and she wasn't feeling well. So she was like snorted and walked away. 

Then we asked someone else to get us 4 chairs to sit down but the chairs took like crazy long time to reach. During the time waiting for the chair, we just stand like that on the stage, and it was kinda hard to stand in heels so we wobbled a lil bit.

The Witch came again, this time she said in a really bitchy manner, "麻烦你们在台上注意一下你们的仪态!"

That did it, she managed to piss me off. I seldom get pissed off and this bitchy woman won. We didn't do anything stupid on the stage at all, we just wobbled a lil bit in heels!!
I looked at her and said, "你什么意思? 我们的仪态怎么了?? 不如我请你穿着高跟鞋站在台上一个小时, 然后你注意一下你的仪态? 我们一般表演都是坐着的, 没有站着, 而且你要我们踩着高跟鞋站一个小时很累的好不好?"

She got that really angry expression on her face, and I can literally see smoke coming out from her nostrils! Hahahahahaa! But she didn't have anything to say so she just walked away. I think she felt like she's the boss so she can go around yelling at people for no reason LOL. Excuse me, go buy yourself a personality, duh.

In the end we played for 2 hours rather than the promised 1 hour. They used all kinds of excuses and asked us to play until the event started. Stupid!!! And when we finished, we were brought back to that dusty dirty place and served with the SAME FOOD (Rice, egg, vege, hotdog) for dinner. Hahahahahaha amazing.

We were told that we could depart for Shanghai at 8pm and in the end we started to leave at 10pm because the manager was arguing with someone about the payment. O_____O SERIOUSLY?!??!?!! WE ALL WANT TO GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was only when the Western Jazz Band's members got mad and talked to the manager only we got to go home. Racist again! LOL. 崇洋媚外wtf!!!!! And to compensate them, he summore gave them more money, but he didn't gave us any bonus at all! Hah!!!!

By far that's like the worst gig I had ever been to! 

Anyway despite all the unpleasant things, I did managed to get some good pictures lol. The weather that day was great and I love the dress provided for us. :)

And why that day wasn't a total disaster was because I had a few nice girls with me! They were all really sweet and fun to hang out with, and we were all really angry about the whole thing so we ended up bitching about it hahahahaha!

Posers alert. XD

Love this picture because the sunlight is right on my head! :DDDD Though to make my face visible I have to edit the contrast and my legs look so dark LOL.

This is better LOL.

They don't have money to get us decent food but they have enough money for this half-an-hour firework show. LOLx10000000

So yeap that's basically it. Now I'm feeling all grumpy and hungry thinking about this stupid gig and I shall go get some DECENT food. Ciao!!!

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