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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Forever 21 Shanghai ♡

Yup babehs, Forever 21 is now opened in Shanghai!!!! :D
Just like how Malaysians are excited about the new H&M in KL, we are like all over the moon about this exciting news! :D

So despite the warning about the crazy crowd everywhere during one-week National Day holidays in China, we still decided to go shop at Forever 21 on 3rd of October! :D

Before showing you guys the Forever 21 building, must share our crazy happy faces showing off our buys. LOL LOL.
With darling Sayuri!!!

My shopping buddies of the day: Sayuri and Tuya! :D
Bet you guys already spotted the HUGE Forever 21 building?

Yup, the WHOLE building is Forever 21. ;P

5 floors altogether. O.O!!!

We spent like 3 to 4 hours inside, checking out every item. There were so many pretty stuff omg!!!
We all went crazy. Haha.
Besides, the prices are really cheap, like cheaper than H&M (compared with H&M because it's like the cheaper brands in Shanghai already.) so we can shop away without worrying about the budget LOL LOL.

There were soooo many ppl inside Forever 21, because it was opened around 20 something of September. When we walked through the front doors, we were pretty much "pushed" inside by the human current. LOL.
This is the best time to use the idiom:  People Mountain People Sea "人山人海" LOL.

I used up like 40 minutes to queue up at the fitting room. They didn't have the number limitation for you to try out clothes, maybe because it was just open so they wanted ppl to buy more. So everyone was like trying out 10 clothes plus. :( It took a really long time.

Everyone was like O___O "OMG...." when the girl behind me put her BASKETFUL of clothes onto the table where the workers there took out the clothes hanger from the clothes we wanted to try out.
She actually took more than 50 pieces of garment to try out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONE PERSON okay?!!?!?!

The workers there laughed and said, "It's okay it's okay, our job is just to take away the hangers, you just try as much as you want." LOL. The girl looked so embarrassed. XDDDD

Finally after we paid, we headed back to the dorm, BUT O_O the subway station was closed because there were too many people!!!!!!! T______T
We had to walk to the next station where the crowd was lesser.

The policemen lining up to control the crowd and traffic. Super cool! They just stand so straight, and their eyes just stare straight ahead, like statues. I have to control my urge to tickle them and see how they'll react. LOLLLLLL! XDDDDD

I must show you how China's crowd can get really crazy during holidays.

We seriously didn't know how we survived and crossed this sea of human beings. LOL.

Wore my Forever 21 buys immediately that evening! :D
Super love the yellow top with interesting sleeves cut-outs! :D
And the sleeveless cardigan thingy is love. :D

Okay this one actually too over-exposed but I like it coz my eyes look very big. XD HAHAHA. #vainpot

See? my H&M scarf can go with anything!

That's all for today! Buhbyeeee!

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