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Monday, October 29, 2012

Little Violet From Aussie!

I'm going to start the post with a BIG THANK YOU to Mr Frank/Frankenstein in Aussie for this cutest monkey with the most adorable violet eyes ever! :D

That day we were chatting on FB and Frank was like, "If I'm going to send you gift from Aussie what do you want?"
I thought he was just kidding so I said, "Uhm something pretty/cute laaaah."

And after like a few weeks, I got this parcel with this little monkey inside!

A note inside says:
WARNING: Once you awake him from the slumber, the first female he recognises will be his mother and will take full responsibility of his wellfare!

Daily nutrition intake:
1 serving of banana OR lots of love. XD


*Trying to open my eyes as big as possible to match my baby monkey's eyes. Btw I'm having violet contact lens on too! Haha!*

Besides the amazing eyes, it has the cutest smile too! :D

Mommy I want a hug!

The most awesome thing is no matter which way you're facing him, he seems like he's looking at you all the time. Hahaha! So attentive meh! :D

Fluffy back side with a whiff of violet dye at the tail end! :D

More pictures with Little Violet after I got my bangs. Hahaha!

Who is cuter? Muahahaha!

:D Thank you again Frank! :D 
The postcard and letter are lovely! ;P
I promise I'll take good care of Little Violet! ^ o ^


  1. Do u starve her??Please don't, she must grow bigger and taller than yingz's teddy then you can show off to her. ;) LOL!

    1. LOLLLL noooo i make sure it's fed everyday but... i want it to stay mini size!!!! XDDDDD