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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fluffy Lazy Cat In a Shoe Shop.

Hello peepo, doing a lazy update again today! :D
I really don't have much energy to update a super "pictureful" post with long narration right now because I have to go to work tomorrow at a super far place (1 hour journey in the metro) and I need to get there around 7.30am fml. T____T

Which means I'll need to wake up around 5.30am. I didn't do that for a long time since my high school days. LOL.

Anywayyyyy just want to show you guys a mega cute fluffiness overload cat I saw in a shoe shop last time!

Was resting on the sofa while Yi Guo browsed the shoes.

There was this really fat fluffy grey cat looking pissed lying beside me. :D

Yi Guo warned me not to pat it because it's super fierce. O___O

So I kept my hands at bay and requested Yi Guo to take pictures for me with it. XD

It glared at my phone camera when I tried to take closer shots of it. T____T
Don't be so fierce can?

Actually I'm pretty scared of cats LOL. Coz they're not so predictable like the dogs. XD

Dogs are friendlyyyyyyy but cats always give you this "What is this idiot doing here?" face.


So fluffy!!!

Later it seemed to get tired of me disturbing it with the camera.
So it moved its sleeping place to the floor. Haha.

Why are you still bothering me you idiot?! Can't you see I'm trying to get some sleep?

Haha! I'm going to hit the sack now!
Night peeps!!


  1. hahaha...COULDN'T AGREE MORE!! DOGS ARE SO MUCH BETTER~~ *no offence to cats lovers tho* :D

    1. *high 5s!!!!!* and what's up with your pikachu display pic? LOLLLLL! XDDDDDDD pika,pika,pikaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~

  2. lol pikachu was and will always be my most favourite dream pet okay... CUTE RIGHT????????? :D
    hahaha..u r acting like a pikachu now eh? okie let me catch u. *go pokeball* -> *pokeball swaying* -> *deng deng deng* -> *wild pikachu a.k.a you captured*. LOL!