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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Beautiful Sunny Day + Percussion Concert!


Hahaha! I realised I always update my blog the night before my violin lesson. FML.Still freaking need to memorise my Bach's Partita no.2.
And for my piano exam (which is coming early November *gasp*), I have to memorise Bach's Prelude and Fugue too. Hello Bach, I'll have to deal with you this semester, I love you, please love me too. :D

I'm going to write about a super beautiful sunny morning at XinTianDi 2 weeks ago! :D
Yeah I know right, still updating about old stuff because I HARDLY HAVE TIME TO BLOG. T_____T

I promise to blog more TOMORROW after my violin class.

I've never been to TianZiFang (田子坊) early in the morning, but that day the weather was so gorgeous I just have to go out! :D The sky was so so blue and the clouds are like cotton floating around. :D

Wearing my new love, H&M's leopard print scarf. You'll be seeing it a lot in my coming posts because I wear it like everyday. Hahahahaha! It's easy to match with anything!

Beer bottles haha!

Cafe under renovation but I really like the sunlight-can-shine-through roof! :D

Did I mention I really like old-looking places?
For example this worn-out cracking dirty wall. :D Super got feel right??? :DDDDDD

Saying hi to the panda toy which is comfortably sun-bathing. :DDD

Awesome cats painting on the wall!

And colourful mail boxes!!!!!!! LOVE IT! :D I really love having pen pals last time. :)
I think snail mails are much better than emails! 
I used to check my mailbox everyday, waiting for my penpals' reply. Popping open each letters carefully and got delighted over the small gifts and nice words written inside. :) I still keep a lot of the letters in my room in Malaysia and it feels great to read them from time to time. :)

Don't really understand the language, but it should be a menu of seafood???

Tired after walking around, went to the nearby museum cafe to sit down and have some cakes for dessert. :)

Yummy mango pudding. *Thumbs up! :D*

Beautiful rainbow light on the floor! :DDDD

Super cute bag that I really want!!!!
It's very flat bag actually, but looks like 3D! Get what I mean? :D
It can only fit like a few books maybe but it's so cute! XDDDDD

I was so jealous when I saw a Chinese guy friend using one of these bags in the school last week, I was like "Why he got that bag?!?!?!?! ME WANT!!!!!"

This bag is around RMB 900 FML.
Which is RM 450.


RM 450 for a flat bag like this. 
And my Chinese guy friend spent RMB 900 for this bag.

Okay, am I over-reacting or what?

In the evening, Irene, Ellen and I went to watch a super cool percussion concert performed by the percussionist from Berlin Philharmonic! :DDDDD
We really love a piece which was based solely on the sound you can make on TABLES. :DDDDD

So creative and interesting! :D

DVD selling and autograph session. :)

With my 2 lovely girls! Ellen and Irene! :DDDD

Shit I keep sneezing now. 
Should go to sleep earlier!
Night peeps! :DDDD

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