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Monday, October 15, 2012

Blonde Baby Angel in Red Ribbon Dress. :)

Another gig post! Dated back to 2 weeks ago I think. It had been a pretty unhappy gig because 2 of the quartet members were an hour LATE. :(

The event manager texted us a day before to remind us to get there around 4.15pm because the gig will start around 4.30pm. And this still happened, which was totally unprofessional. :(

The cellist and I, who were the two person who got there on time, had to face an angry client who kept threatening us that she would deduct our pay. I didn't blame her though. It was really bad to be late for 1 freaking hour! 

The other 2 girls (one violinist and one violist) finally got there and they didn't even look apologetic. =.= They just said, "Sorry, the traffic was so bad." and went to change their clothes. 

The gig was about a graduation ceremony for some MBA program. We were to play some stuff in between the ceremony to lighten up the mood.

Despite the unhappy beginning, I was totally delighted to see an awfully adorable blonde toddler wearing a pretty red ribbon dress there! :D
I think she must be the kid of one of the MBA people there. :) She was incredibly interested in our playing, and kept on dancing and conducting us in the cutest way possible! Haha! She was like bowing/nodding according to our tempo, waving her chubby arms and grinning at the same time! TOO CUTEEEEEEE!!!!! I wished I had taken a video of her that time! Such a sight!

Asked the manager to help me to snap a picture with this darling. :D

Speeches from the professors.

Graduates. :)

More pictures with the little angel! It's very hard to take pictures with her because she moved a lot. :P

Chubbiness overload! :D Doesn't she look pretty in the ribbon dress? :D

She requested to hold the violin :DDDDD And then a woman there, worried that she might break it or something, snatched the violin away from her and the little baby girl was so angry she scowled so hard and whimpered and whined at her parents. She was pointing at the woman, showing her parents the "BAD AUNT" and yelled, "阿姨! 阿姨!" in such accusing tone it was hilarious to watch her. LOL.

2 more pictures! :D

:) Today was such a busy day, but I always tell myself, the busier the better! Coz I can learn so much things! :D

Till then! XOXO!