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Friday, October 5, 2012

Miki's In Shanghai! (Day 2)

Hello peeps! I'm enjoying China's National Day one-week holidays right now, supposed to have more free time to update my blog, but no idea why my days are all full with activities I didn't even have time to online. T___T

This time it had been 5 days since my last update fml. T____T

My pictures are pilling up into a mountain too high I cannot see the peak LOL LOL.
My mission today will be finishing at least TWO posts. hahaha!

Day two with Miki!
We went to People's Square to take Purikura! This time we asked pretty Sayuri along!

Taking Purikura is like our annual ritual. :) Miki told me last time that Purikura was something that you take with your best friends, as a symbol of friendship. ;P

There was this really beautiful merry-go-round!

Miki asked me to put on the "model" face and I ended up looking constipated fml. T___T hahaha! And Miki wouldn't stop laughing at me. LOL!!!

Sayuri and Miki! Miki's feeding the horse with her milktea. XD

At the Purikura shop, stuff that you can do with your Purikura pictures!

Transferring pictures into my phone. Wearing the pretty MU-RA bracelet given by Miki! Will post a clearer picture at the end of the post! :)

Our Purikura pics!!! Super funny LOLLLLL! Miki put that sexy leopard body under Sayuri's head and it matched so nicely hahahahaha!

This is the time when I wish Purikura machine doesn't have the eyes-enlarging effect. T___T Coz I look like an alien here. T___T

Guess you guys know about the current sensitive issues between the 2 countries, C and J right? *don't want to type out the names here later might get banned =.=*

So we were talking about how dangerous it is nowadays to be a Japanese here, so we had decided to create a very tacky Chinese names instead of me calling them Sayuri and Miki. 

So here are our names of the day. HAHAHAHA!

In the end, we concluded that Miki's new name was the most tacky one, like praising herself very pretty like that LOLLLLLL! 

After the Purikura session, we walked around and check out a cute shop full of little cute stuff.

I got myself this spec frame for RMB 15. ;)
Though Yi Guo told me it's still considered expensive fml. T___T

Miki's favourite place! When we were roommates last time, we always went to little cute shops like this. :D

Miki was choosing some souvenirs for her Japanese friends. :D Seeds that will grow into plants that have words on the leaves!

Spiderman hairpin, cute or not??!

David Beckham's ID card hahahaha!

Some pictures before we rushed back to have dinner with our beloved friends! :D

Behold, yummy food pictures await.

The super sinful + fattening grandma red burn pork. OKAY LA WTH I SHOULD JUST TYPE CHINESE NAME. Haha! 外婆红烧肉~~



Forgot the name of this kind of vege. :'(

Sirloin Steak that doesn't look authentic. haha.

Still have no idea what this is.


There are 8 of us! 4 of this side.......
L to R:
Sayuri, Rena, Xing Xing and Ellen!

And another 4 on this side!

L to R:
Miki, Meier, Xixi and Jimmy.

We were waiting for Ming Zhuang but she didn't make it that day. Sob.

Xing Xing had to leave early to attend the handsome cello teacher's concert in our school. Hahaha... 见色忘友 meh~~~ LOL LOL just kidding. XD
Her teacher asked her to go watch so poor Xing Xing only get to eat a bit and need to rush back to school. :((

Picture with Miki! :D

After the dinner, we celebrated Miki's super BELATED birthday!
Her birthday was supposed to be on 15th August, but she didn't celebrate it in Japan. :( 
And we never celebrate it for her last 2 years too because August is summer holidays for everyone, so everyone usually goes back to their own countries that time. 

Anyway this time our darling Miki gets to celebrate her birthday with us! Wheeee!!!

Ahem, supposed to be 23 yrs old but Ellen got the wrong candles, haha!!! Anywayyyyyyy Miki was very happy to be a year younger! XDDD

Group pictures!!

A video of us when we asked what's Miki's birthday wish.
Her answer was, "I want 5 kids in the future!"
So ambitious LOL!!!

And our wishes for her too!

I'm so noisy. =.='''

Alright! A picture of the beautiful bracelet that Miki gave me!!!! So pretty!!!! Thank you darling!

Till then!

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