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Monday, October 22, 2012


Mood has been pretty down lately, anyway still going to update my blog. ;D
Found some pictures taken on different days that aren't enough to be made into a single post if I separate them. So I'll just put them altogether in this post and name it "RANDOMSSSSS." Haha!

Wedding gig 2 weeks ago. Love the white gown we wore that day! :D

Even though we stayed indoor, the sunlight still shine through the glass panes and I almost melted under the heat. T_____T
The "hottest" indoor gig ever! T_________T

I feel like myself getting all tanned after 1 hour sitting under the sunlight. :( Besides the glass will somehow focus the sunlight more isn't it? That's how some people build fire using mirrors and sunlight on some lost islands??? *scientific knowledge all gone ToT* so I feel like I'm going to catch on fire any time soon. LOL

Hiding in the shades for a moment!

And Yurina came to Shanghai like 2 weeks ago too! 
She stayed in Jin Jiang Hotel and she asked me to go to have breakfast with her at the hotel because there were free breakfast for two person! :D

Thank you darling! It was pretty good, though we both hated the noodles. Haha!
Yurina is a huge fans of Jin Jiang Hotel.
Everytime she comes to Shanghai, she'll definitely stay at Jin Jiang Hotels, maybe in different branches from time to time, but ALWAYS Jin Jiang. XD

Jin Jiang should really sponsor her next time coz she always recommend it to everyone LOL LOL!

Nice view of the dining place!

Yurina! It was like 8.30am so this pretty girl just woke up from her sleep.
No make up whatsoever, but still so pretty! *envy japanese great skin!* :D

Spot the noodle we both hated. Totally tasteless. :/

LOL. I also have unfinished noodles. XD Not I want to waste food la, it tasted super bad I swear. :(

Selca pics of us! :DDDD
Just went to Jazz Festival 2012 with her yesterday too! Will update about it soon! :DD

Here's a picture from a sunny afternoon taken in People's Park. :)
There was this beautiful beautiful lotus lake. 

The weather was great and I was sipping my favourite drink from Coco. :)

A funny picture of Tutu!
I didn't know how it came up with this look by itself.
When I woke up I saw it with this yellow turban on its head. LOL!

It remained like that for half an hour I think. O_O

Is it really that comfy? Or maybe it thinks that it's very stylish looking like that. AHAHAHA!!

AND OMGGGG I really need to share this with you guys!!!
I saw the biggest teddy dog ever! :DDDDD

Usually this kinda dog is like super small size right?
Then that day I saw a man strolling his dog/sheep that is super big and fluffy.
It looked exactly like teddy dog (I'm not sure of the breed but maybe you'll understand?), just SO MUCH BIGGER!!!

The man was really cool, there were a couple asking him, "Hey sir what breed is your dog?"
He replied without smiling,"It's a sheep."

I wasn't intimidated by his cool demeanour, so I just ran along with him and snap the pictures of the dog like a paparazzi.

In the end, the man (maybe got fed up with me chasing along them or he admired my perseverance LOL) stopped and said, "Okay fine you can take a picture with him."

I was like OMG REALLYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!, like I got the olympic gold medal, totally in shock of disbelief. Hahaha!

So he commanded the dog to sit and I took this picture with it! ;D

Very over-exposed but I'm so happy! :D
YOU SEE ITS FACE IS BIGGER THAN MY FACE! XD I think if it stands up it'll be the same as my height! :D

Will have to edit pictures to update my next post! Byeeeeee!


  1. omg, I definitely dunknow what its breed or tis type, or its really huge! U r really big fans of dog.