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Friday, February 15, 2013

CNY Day 4, Chilling Out.

CNY Day 4 is basically a chilling day for me. Since we had the pretty big celebration on Day 3, everyone was already tired and inactive on Day 4. Haha.

I had ran out of colourful clothes to wear, so I wore the Forever 21's black dress with golden dots on it. Haha. Golden still an auspicious colour kay? :D Luckily my grandma didn't really notice I was in black that day, because her eyesight wasn't as good as before. Hmm.

Went to Jusco AGAIN. Yes, when we go to Johor, we only go to Jusco. Sad right? LOL. Coz that's the closest and biggest shopping mall near grandma's house. And we didn't know any other nice places already. XD

All the other nice shopping malls are like 30-minutes to 1 hour drive from grandma's house and nobody knows how to get there. Besides, we didn't want to trouble our relatives too. So yeah. 

Luckily Jusco got lotsa nice shopping stalls like Topshop, Cotton-on, Dorothy Perkins, Vincci, Voir, Subzero etc. And there're lotsa eating places/chilling places like Starbucks, Oldtown Kopitiam etc. So we wouldn't get too bored spending days there. LOL.

Hang out at Starbucks again! My brothers had been staying in grandma's house since CNY Day 2, looking glum and bored. So I decided to drag them out to watch Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons
Partly because I didn't get to watch the ending last time, and the newspaper on CNY Day 4 said the movie was a real hit, 票房破3000万 just for the first few days! Sounds really awesome and I think it would be a real waste if I don't watch the whole movie.

So I managed to get my brothers and Wen Shing sis to watch with me. They were having doubts whether the movie is really that awesome. I just googled and saw some people's comments after watching the trailers before the movie was released. They didn't think the movie would be nice, and thought Stephen Chow had hit a new low with this movie because he couldn't come up with other better movie ideas but Journey To The West. What an old story, they said. LOL.

However GUYSSSS YOU'RE SO WRONG! :D The movie was CRAZY CRAZY CRAZYYYY AWESOME. Hahahahahaha! I still can't stop laughing even after days I watched it. It is impossible for you to feel bored throughout the movie because there are too many surprises and funny scenes. Some scenes can get really scary so it is amazing how Stephen Chow can make the movie into such a mixture of horror and comedy. He balances both elements really well! :)

We went to buy the movie tickets early in the morning, around 10am because no need to queue that time, if you go to buy after 1pm, you should expect a longggg queue. Hahahaha.
Chilling at Starbucks with my brothers after getting the tickets! :) I got my favourite Hot Chocolate. :)

Pictures with my dearest brothers! :)
Here's my eldest brother, Jun Yang. Btw he's wearing the H.E MANGO tee I bought for him the day before, for his birthday! :DDDD Glad that he likes it. :)

I love both of my brothers because they really sayang me one. :D Ehehehe.

And this is my 2nd bro, Jun Hang! :)
He doesn't really like to take photos one. Camera-shy. Hahaha. That's why the stiff look. XD Anyway he always willing to take pictures with me. :)))))))

And one more picture with my lil cousin Shi Ying! :) She looks adorable in the pink polka dot dress!

Btw I think I'll sum up my CNY Day 5 here. :) Which was also Valentine's Day. That was the day I woke up early in the morning and prepare myself for the 6-hours journey back home. 
We went to grandma's house to bid grandma farewell, and that was the time I got bitten by her dog. T_____T

Here's the dog. LOL.

Actually it's really not the dog's fault. It's my fault. It is actually a very kind dog, but it is just not used to affection because my grandma gets it to guard the house, and she didn't really treat it as a pet. There wasn't much people who will pet it or show it affection so it still don't really trust humans. 

Anyway I had been pretty close to it since I got to grandma's house on Day 1. I didn't dare to pet it first, just throw it all the chicken bones I got after my lunch, and it actually seemed grateful and wagged its tail whenever it saw me. Lol lol. And after that I mustered up my courage to pet it, and hey it didn't resist. :) So all was peaceful and well.

Up until CNY Day 5 morning. When I got to grandma's house, the dog was whining so pitifully I got really worried. So I get a few pieces of chicken and fed it. And out of habit (since I have a rabbit for pet, I like to pet its head when it is eating), I pet the dog's head when it's munching on the chickens.

As fast as lighting, the dog growled and bit my hand. O.O!!!!!! Blood oozed out from my palm immediately, and I didn't know what exactly had happened. I just stood up quickly and looking at my bleeding palm. Then I walked over to my grandma, showing her my palm and said, "Grandma, I got bitten by the dog."

My grandma doesn't really understand Chinese, she usually speak Hokkien you see. So she didn't really understand what I was saying, she just replied, "Oh." I moved inside the house and told my mom, "Mommy I was bitten by the dog." Her eyes got really big looking at my bleeding palm and she immediately translated to grandma and grandma hopped up from her seat yelling, "WHAT?! Is she ok?!!! I'm gonna kill that dog nowwwww!" LOL LOL. Well of course she's just saying, don't worry guys. XD

I quickly used the only Hokkien I know, "BIAO KIN!" which means it's okay, don't worry! Hahaha!
So I kept telling grandma, "Wai Po, biao kin la biao kin la!" And I really paiseh because grandma looked teary-eyed and really upset because her dog bit me. Actually I think the bite wasn't so bad! Its teeth just grind my flesh a lil. No big deal. There was quite a lot of blood oozed out because the skin of the palm is too thin.

Anyway just to be safe, my mom called my uncle to fetch me to the hospital to get an injection to prevent tetanus (破伤风). When my uncle got here, he checked out my palm and said, "Ahhhh it's okay la, not too serious." 

Phewwwww. :) I'm so glad I don't need to get injection. I HATE HOSPITALS.

Besides, the poor dog already regretted what it had done, and didn't dare to look me in the face. LOL LOL. It kept stealing glances at me and put on the sad face. 
Aiya don't worry la, I'm not blaming you. It's dog's basic instinct to fight back when someone tries to touch it when it's eating, because it thought that person wants to steal its food. That's why!

I should have know better not to touch it when it is eating. LOL. I've been so used to disturbing my bunny when it is eating. For example, kissing the bunny's butt, playing with its ears and kacau it with all I can when it's eating. Hahahaha! But it never care. XD It just continue eating as if I didn't exist. XDDDDDD

Well, the wound healed super fast, I didn't feel any pain already! :)

Guess that's all for today! :) Stay tuned for next post! :)

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