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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Piano & Violin Cover of Corrine May - The Answer. :)

Hello darlings! Do you miss me? Hahahahaha! It has been days since I updated any selca pics in my blog. XD Been pretty lifeless lately, hence I only updated all those beautiful things to share with you guys because I have basically nothing happening in my life. :'(

Anyway, I've been up to a video project starting 2 days ago, thanks to my dear sis, Lei Panganiban! ;) She's a beautiful ice-skating princess that I get to know on Facebook. She won a lot of prizes in International ice-skating competitions, really impressive and talented!

Lei had tagged me in a video "The Answer by Corrine May" and she said she hoped she could hear me play it in violin. So I think, why not? LOL.

I tried to google for some accompaniment mp3 of that song but came up with nothing. And I can't play the piano and violin at the same time LOL. What to do??? At first I really wanted to make those amazing videos like JunCurryAhn or Pianoguys did in their videos, which was creating your "clones"! Haha! Sadly I have no idea how that's done. So...... I'm can only record piano and violin separately and then use my ultra newbie movie-making skill, which is "split","remove","fade in","fade out" and adding Titles, Captions and Credits. LOL LOL. #noobie I'm really sad that the music isn't in one piece. :'( Anyway, I'll try to do better next time, so please bear with it for now. T______T 

Anyway before going to the video, have to shower this post with some selca pictures first. Hahahaha! These pictures are taken in the middle of recording because my mom's friend suddenly came to visit so we had to cut off the recording session for a while. ;D

Btw my brother took away our printer, so I can't print the piano scores out. I'm too lazy to find some printing shops lol, so I put the whole lappy on my piano and sight-reading like that WTH. XDDDD

Credits to my mom for being the videographer! :) I took around an hour to practise and then record. I know there're still a lot of space for improvement. :)
Again, I'm really sorry for the whole cut-paste quality of the video. :(( It ruins the music because it sounds like it's in pieces. T____T

I'll try to learn more about recording & movie-making skills so I can do better next time! :)

Hope you guys like it! :)

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