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Friday, February 8, 2013

One More Day To Go! :D

Tomorrow will be CNY! Gee, time flies so fast! I'm so excited about CNY coz I want to go shoppingggggg and eat like crazy and get lots of ang paos! :D 

Last 2 years I didn't get to celebrate CNY because I was in Shanghai, having exams. T_____T And Shanghai is totally no fun because all the shops/restaurants are ALL CLOSED, and shopping malls close around 5pm! So CNY in Shanghai is basically the very-hard-to-find-food-to-eat time and also not exactly a festive period! T____T 

That sounds weird right? Considering Chinese New Year the most important festival in China, but well, here's the catch. Everyone also wants to go home to celebrate, so no one wants to take care of their shops while others all get to reunite with their families. So everyone will try their very best to go back to their homes to see their beloved families. All very understandable, I know. T_____T BUT VERY VERY HARD TO FIND YUMMY FOOD TO EAT KAY? AND NO ANGPAOS AND NO PLACE TO SHOP. T_____T That's why last 2 years' CNY was totally miserable to me. Sob.

Finally this year I'm back in Malaysia soooooo ang pao ang pao come to mama! HEHEHEHEHEHE!

Made some cornflakes cookies with my babe, Zi Ying a few days ago! Good to store at home to treat my friends if they come to my house. Hahaha. Self-made one kay? Don't playplay. :D

Super awful eyebags because I've been watching Korean dramas late until wee hours everyday. XD

Went Kuantan yesterday and met my cousins! Such a coincidence! XD Pictures pictures. XDDDD


And Chong Leh! :D I didn't see him like 2 years already!

Then I met up with one of my adorable ex-student, LOL LOL. Mr Hung Sheng! :D 
Another bad-ass student, Xing Zhao, still in Singapore so cannot see him la. LOL. He always give me nasty comments in FB one. HMPH HMPH. Never mind, I'm the teacher, so need to be 大人有大量, I FORGIVE YOU. HAHAHAHA!

At Noodle-Station. Here's Hung Sheng's gigantic iced peach fruit tea! Hahaha! He said it tasted awful. 
I had Hazel Milk, hmmm, just so-so only, so lazy to take picture. XD

Ze leng zai. :D Hahaha! He's still very camera-shy. This picture I need to persuade him like forever only he let me take. LOL.

Anyway, I said he's my adorable ex-student because he's always super kind and nice one. I ask him to take pics with me, then he always listen to me. ;DDDDDDD

Hahahahaha! :DDDD

Reunion dinner later this evening!!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR YUMMY FOOD! :DDDDDDDD
Happy CNY peeps! :DDD

Probably can't blog for 5 days straight, will update my instagram everyday! :D Hehehe!

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