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Friday, February 15, 2013

Blue Topshop Dress and Grandma's Birthday! :)

Hi peeps! :) I'm happy to be back in blogging after so many days because I have so many happy moments to share! Haha! Nothing feels better than telling you guys the stories of my life by typing out my thoughts and sharing my pictures! :) Guess all the bloggers will understand this. ;) This is our motivation to keep blogging! :D

Now I'm going to blog about my CNY Day 3! :D This is pretty much the most festive day throughout my CNY because it is also my grandma's and my eldest bro's birthday! :D

This post is going to be FULL OF PICTURES because I'm wearing my new and favourite buy that day! :) The blue peplum dress from Topshop! :)

Some vain shots credits to Wen Shing sis. :)

Say hello to my baby nephew, Travis! :) 

Wen Shing sis and baby Travis. :D 

Here's my lil cousin who is just 9-yr-old this year! :) Shi Ying!

More cuteness attack! Haha!

One thing nobody will miss during CNY - LOU SANG! :D


Another baby! Haha! Super chubby, I forgot his name already. T____T My baby nephew too! :) I sucks at memorizing Chinese name LOL. 

The pretty girl in the middle is sis Alicia! She's Travis's mom. 
Travis looks unhappy that his mom hugs another baby. Hahaha. Look at his face!

Yummy dishes ordered from restaurant specially for grandma's birthday! :) There were altogether 4 tables because there were too many relatives! :)

After lunch, it was firecrackers time! :) My uncle decided to make the process faster by twisting both firecrackers together. O.O

LIKE THIS. O___O So it means double the noise!!!!!!! GYA!!!!

There were 4 firecrackers altogether!

The aftermath.

The birthday cakes for grandma! :) Put them like this to form an "8" because 8 is an auspicious number! :)

Singing birthday song for grandma!

You see grandma so happy! :DDDDD Grandma happy, everyone happy. :))))

Blow the candles! :D

Happy Birthday dearest grandma! :D

Went to Jusco with my parents and cousins for more shopping! Though, this time I didn't shop for myself, just accompany my mom to shop for her CNY clothes! :)

I prefer to shop in Shanghai because I can earn my own money there so I don't need to spend my parents' money. :) If I shop a lot also I won't feel guilty. LOL. :D

After going to lots of different shops, my mom ended up buying a dress from Dorothy Perkins. :) I think Dorothy Perkins' clothes are really classy, most of  its dresses are of the suitable length, so it is good for formal wear. :) My mom needs longer dresses because she needs to wear it to work. :)

Selca pictures in the car! Happy to see the sunlight because this CNY has been REALLY RAINY. :(

Baby Travis with drool. :D 

The face he makes when his grandma asks him to smile. XD

More vain shots. Forgive me, hahahaha!

Baby Travis changed into Chinese Samfu! :D

In the evening, we visited one of the uncles' house. And it was super funny because both of the babies were fighting for one mother!

The victory smile on chubby baby's face after succeeding in getting the mom! Hahahaha!

Uncle Bing bought lots of fireworks/firecrackers for us to play with! :) 

Since all my Singaporean relatives are going back to Singapore that night, I took pictures with all of them! :)
Alicia sis, Xiang bro, baby Travis and Shi Ying! :)

Long bro and Pei Shi sis! :)

 Cousin Yong! :)

Grandpa & grandma of baby Travis! :)

That's all for my CNY Day 3! :)

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