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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Final Videos Are Out! :D

Wheeee! I'm so excited to share with you guys these 3 final videos of the What Is Durian To You video-shooting project! :D

Maple did an amazing job in editing, so everything is clear and fun! Hahaha! Remember to change the video setting to 720HD or 1080 HD so you can view it in better quality! :D

How to change the video quality setting: 

1) Move your mouse to the video, and check out the loading line at the bottom of the video.
2) At the bottom right of the video, there'll be 4 icons that indicate Change Quality, Watch Later, Watch On and Full Screen.
3) Click on the first icon (Change Quality) and choose the video quality that you want! The higher the number, the clearer the video is! :)

Sorry because some of the parts doesn't sound so clear because the wind is too strong. Enjoy! :)
The foreigners have lots of interesting ways in describing what they think about Durian. Hahahaha!

My personal favourite is part 3 because got leng zai. Hahahahaha!

Btw, congratulations to Maple for getting 20/20 full mark for her English assignment! :) She put a lot of effort in this project and I'm so proud of her! :D


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