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Sunday, February 17, 2013

We Are Together! (Part 2)

Another picture-ful post! :D Since there are 6 of us altogether, our target of the day is to go to each and every one of the 6 houses! LOL. Some pretty hard task to do because we girls love to linger at one place chit-chatting and munching cookies. Hahaha.

No pictures taken in Maple's and Sin Yue's house, sadly, because we were too busy talking. LOL. 

Ehaun's house was our last stop! Our original plan was to visit her house and go straight to Mesra Mall for a movie date, but Sin Yue had to get home before 6pm so there wasn't enough time for a movie. It was fine by us, because we could easily change that to a beach hang-out date! Haha! Ehaun's house is right beside the beach! :D Real awesome!

I really love Ehaun's house because it's really special with a vintage feel. It is a house full of memories from the past, there's even a well in the house! Awesome max! 

We're on the mission of finishing up the butter cookies in her house. Hahaha!

Ehaun joined in! :)

A beautiful bouquet of roses, valentine's present of Ehaun's brother to his gf. So sweet! :D

Then I asked everyone to play Fatbooth. Hahahaha! You guys know the apps to make you look fat? :D Not going to post the fat after pictures of my babes here or else they might come to my house to kill me. LOL.

These are the pictures when I cheated Maple into taking Fatbooth picture. Hahaha!
She just got in because she left us earlier to go on a date with her bf. Tsk tsk. XD
So when she walked in, I said, "Hey dear, come come, we're now taking solo pictures to be uploaded to facebook later, now it's your turn."

And she guaiguai let me take. LOL.
Look at others' faces. XD

Everyone gathered around to see the AFTER picture. XD

^o^ Ying with cookie and Yue with soya milk!

We went to the backyard for some pictures. I found this beautiful door opening in the middle of the wooden fence thingy really great for pictures! Don't you think?

With darling Qian! :))))

Using my front camera to take a picture of all of us to upload on my Instagram! *that time Maple was still dating with her bf that's why she's not in LOL*

The girls' chatting session, and me putting the picture up into Instagram. LOL.

We decided to go take some pictures at the beach! :) Best thing was there was these boats there, perfect props for photoshoot! Haha!

I'm in love with this shade of blue. :)

Photoshoot starts! Edited pictures are from my phone cam, and the non-edited are from Chia Ying's DSLR! ;))))

Qian used her phone to take panorama pictures, and only then I realised my phone also can take panorama pictures! O.O

So here goes. XD

But somehow I find it really hard to control because everyone must not move in the process and the weird thing is even if everyone isn't moving, I might still get some shadows or overlapped images in the pictures. T____T Anyone can tell me how to take a perfect panorama picture?

Group selca picture, this time with Maple in too! :D

The two bald trees outside Ehaun's house!

Last picture of us for the day! Credits to Ehaun's mom!

Btw thank you darling Ying for these love presents! :))))
Super cute perfume from KENZO JUNGLE! :) Love that elephant, and it smells great!

That's not all, she also give me a sweet pink I love SG keychain! :) Will use it for my Shanghai dorm keys' keychain! ^o^

And moreeee! She gave me this super adorable polka dot pink hairband! :D

Imma bunny. :))))))))

Thank you so much dear! Love you muchhhhhhhh! Hope you like the bracelet I give you too! Mwahhhhh!!!!!

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