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Monday, February 18, 2013

When Xixi Plays Piano.

Hi peeps! It's video time! LOL. :)
A huge thank you to Maple for teaching me how to edit video, so yeah, this is something I record for fun in order to try out my newbie video editing skill. Guess this one is easier than those make-up or hairstyle tutorial because all I need is just one or two takes. XD Make-up/hairstyle tutorial need takes from so many angles and also need speeches and captions afterwards, I'll try that some other time. Haha.

I've always love Chopin's Nocturne, I'm sorry if I don't play so well because I'm not a professional pianist. And I don't really know the right way to pronounce the word "Nocturne", can someone please enlighten me? :D

And the last thing, do remember to change the video quality to the HD before viewing it. Enjoy watching! Hope you guys like it! :)

Video credits to my mom. :) She must be having muscle cramps holding the phone for so long. LOL.

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