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Sunday, February 17, 2013

We Are Together! (Part 1) :)

After resting at home on 14th February, I hang out with my dear friends the next day and go house-visiting (bai nian)! I was totally hyped about this because I always missed the chance to go bai nian with my friends because every year during CNY I'll go back to my grandma's house in Johor, and when I get back, the CNY mood is already almost gone. T____T Sad case. 

Anyway, seems like this year I'm still in time to go bai nian with my darling friends! :) So I woke up early and started to doll-up for the day! :) Wearing the baby-pink dress I got from Labyrinth, a boutique shop in Jusco, Johor! :)

Did my hair into the braid headband.
If you haven't seen my braid headband DIY tutorial, click HERE to read! :)

Picture credits to Maple! :) She came to my house around 9.30am! :)

*claphands* Uzair is joining us too! :D This is his first time joining our Rombongan Beraya (Bai Nian group) during CNY! :)
At first Sera wanted to join us too, but sadly she wasn't feeling well that day. :'( It's okay baby, come next year and wear ang ang(red colour clothes)! Haha!

Look at Uzair's semangat face after getting his first Angpao of the day. XD He came to my house first and the 3 of us (Maple, Uzair and I) will go to Qi Qian's house to meet up with the others!

Picturessssss! :D

Ang pao fight!!!!!!

Uzair and his constipated face wth hahahahahaha!

Okay lah, peaceful picture. :D

Oh no, ang pao fight starts again! O___O!!!

Peaceful again. LOL LOL.

Gong Xi Fatt Choi!

Happy Snake Year peeps!

Played Chopin's Nocturne to entertain my 2 guests. LOL LOL.

LOL, playing Chopin's Nocturne with Saint Saens' Violin Concerto notes in front of me. Hahahaha!

Uzair's turn! :D Waaaaaa, look like very pro like that! :D

My sweetie Maple! :)))))

Piano duet haha!!!

LOL Macam YES!!!

We went to Qi Qian's house to meet up with my other 4 babes, Qiqian, Sin Yue, Ehaun and Chia Ying! :D
Chia Ying brought her super awesome DSLR so we got some amazing pictures for the day! :)

The colours all very nice already, so I didn't bother to edit, save a lot of energy hahahahaha! :D

Then we went to Chia Ying's house to eat Nasi Minyak! Coz me buay paiseh kept telling them I'm very hungry very hungry. LOL. What to do? I didn't eat breakfast kay? My plan is to go to their houses and finish up their cookies. LOL LOL.

Then Chia Ying said, "Xi, do you want to come my house to eat or not? My house got Nasi Minyak." And I immediately said, "Really??? I WANTTTTTT."
Buay paiseh LEVEL 1000000! XD

Ze girls and yummy food! *peacesign*

Everyone's focus: The rice. XD

Uzair and Sin Yue. :)
Uzair's soooo happy to see Sin Yue, lol lol. Last time in secondary school we are all like really close friends who chatted a lot in class, and Uzair is the one always telling lame jokes LOLLLLL! XD And Sin Yue is famous for her love for Jay Chou. :DDD We still joke about that until now! XD

My pretty pretty Ying! :) She's one of my BESTIES! :)
I have 3 besties in Malaysia. Chia Ying, Zi Ying and Sin Yue! :D I'm the lucky one who always get to meet all of them whenever I come back to Malaysia. Poor Zi Ying always miss the chance to see Chia Ying and Sin Yue because the timing is always not right. Haih. So it has been years since the 4 of us have a decent picture together. 

L to R: Chia Ying, Qi Qian, Ehaun and me! :)))))

Ayam merah! :D 

The happy people! :D

Uzair left after playing cards with us in Chia Ying's house because he had to work. So we continued our journey back to....... my house. LOL. 

My piano and violin became the perfect tool for photoshooting! Hahaha! Here goes pictures!

The 四手联弹 scene in 不能说的秘密! Hahahahahaha!

Oh yeah, and I gave them the quartet album I recorded with my friends in Shanghai! :)
Qi Qian immediately asked me to sign and I was so damn paiseh because this is not really a professional recording. T___T Just something I recorded for fun with my friends. LOL.

Plus, my signature so damn ugly one, I never really sit down and think of a nice beautiful signature before. My signature is totally Cin Cai created for filling forms for school and stuff. So I was totally abashed when the babes asked me to sign on the CD. 

I was like, "MY SIGNATURE SO UGLY!!!!!!!!"
They're so nice they consoled me like this, "It's okay, that's the 未成名之前的签名, it's much more precious!" 

LOL LOL. 这么会说话 omggggg. XD

So in the end I signed jor. Feeling ultra mega paiseh at the same time. XD
Then each of them took pictures with me together with the CD! LOL why so formal? Hahaha! Thank you darlings for showing me your support! I'm really really touched and happy! :)

Next time if I really do a professional recording then I'll give you guys with a new beautiful signature. Hahahahaha! That's a promise!


Haih, forget it. LOL LOL.
Btw I separated the day into 2 posts because there were too many pictures! Stay tuned for the 2nd part! :))))))

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