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Sunday, February 3, 2013

All In One Day! :)

Really happy to get good feedbacks from you guys about my hair tutorials! Will probably share more about them in the future! :) Hopefully the tutorials will be helpful for you guys now that CNY is drawing nearer! :D Let me know if there is anything in particular that you might love to see me blog about. :) 

Here's my 2nd post for today! :D Just summing up how I spent my whole day yesterday. :D I'm enjoying my holidays to the fullest, eat non-stop, meeting friends and going out! :) I should really get some exercise now that my thighs are getting fatter because I have been eating too much! T____T NOOOOO. LOL.

My mom brought me out to get have our "afternoon tea" session after we worked really hard cleaning the house the whole morning. Haha.
Now all the window panes and curtains in my house's ground floor is basically spotless and smell great. Hehehe, will work on the 2nd floor maybe tomorrow. 

Seriously can't wait for CNY! Now that I don't really have any new clothes to celebrate it, I'm planning to buy some when I go to Johor during CNY, hopefully I can find some pretty stuff there. :)

Here's our afternoon tea venue. The yummy otak-otak/keropok lekor stall that Sera and Uzair brought me to! :)
I took some pictures there after getting my stomach full.

Here's the making of Keropok Lekor! :DDDD

They roll the fish paste into something long like this.

Then they boil it.

Then the long keropok lekor is cut into smaller pieces to be fried! :D

Satar! :DDDD My fav! 

The juicy delicious Otak-otak. Mad loveeee!

Some other yummy food to eat!

That was for my afternoon tea, and when I got home, Hui Sean came to visit! :DDDDD
She brought her super awesome Nikon Semi DSLR camera and helped me to take pictures for my hair tutorial posts! Thank you so much darling! :) And I shared some make-up tips with her. ;)

Pictures with the babe! :)))) Can't wait for her to visit again! Mwahxxx! Didn't really have much pictures with her coz busy taking pictures for the hair tutorial. T____T SOB. Never mind, next time must take tons! :D

Then around 9.30pm, we celebrated another twins' birthday! :DDDDD The birthday of the fraternal twins, Boon Chien and Boon Kit! :D

The cake for them. HAHAHAHA! 

Weng Leong came! :D Like superrrr longggg timeeee no see! :DDDDD Pictures of course!

Can't get enough pictures with my darling cousin! :D 

Han Sian! Also long time no see! :DDDDDD

With the birthday baby girl, Chien! :)

Group pictures taken with Boon Chien's Ipad! :)
Credits to Zhen Wei!

Everyone has this pose because we are laughing at poor See Luck for losing his tooth. Haha!

It was a fun day! :)

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