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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hair Tutorial: Braid Headband DIY! :)

Hello dearies! Today I gonna do a tutorial to teach you guys how to make your very own braid headband with your own hair! :) It's a very pretty hairstyle that is really sweet and demure! :) The best thing is, it's very easy too! :)

First, part your hair into half like this, and secure it with a elastic band.

Then, take out a portion of hair BEHIND and ABOVE your ear. As for how big is the portion, it depends on how wide you want your braid to be. :)

Braid it into a tight pretty braid and try your best to braid it to the very END of the hair because the braid needs to be long enough to cross over your head to the other side!

After that take the braid and cross over to the opposite side like this!

Secure it with 2 bobby pins! :) Make sure the bobby pins go criss-cross so the braid wouldn't go loose!

Then you can put down the part of your hair which you have tied up earlier! The hair will cover up the bobby pins and make it look like a real headband! :D

Tadaa!!!! :D Super nice right? :D This is my current favourite hairstyle!

Another way to wear this hairstyle is to tie up half of your hair after you've done the cross-over part.
You'll get something like this!

Check out the side! really pretty! :)))))))

Btw, you can also make 2 braids, one from each side and cross both of them over, so you'll have 2 braids over your head! :) Get what I mean? :) That'll be really pretty too! 

^o^ Hope this tutorial is useful! :) Happy trying!

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