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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Friends' Attack! :)

One good thing about CNY is long-lost friends get to meet together on our mission of collecting ang paos muahahahahhaha! :D That's the whole point about CNY, right???? ;D

I'm so happy to have this bunch of adorable friends over at my house 2 days ago! And I was especially happy because Elise (our beautiful model friend!) and sweet darling Pei Hui came over too! I seldom get to see them you see. :))))

All the pictures from this post credits to Elise and her awesome DSLR! 
T_T Why everyone got awesome DSLR nowadays? T_T

My darling RICOH can you wake up from your salty death? T_____T I need you.

Group picture!

L to R: 
Choon Kiat, Han Sian, Euann, Boon Peng, Elise, Pei Hui and me! :)

Pictures with the girls! :))))) Sweet & pretty Pei Hui! :)))))

With gorgeous Elise! I feel like I'm so fat beside her, she's just so slim! :DDDD

Think the girls might like some photoshoot with my musical props! :) 

The beauties. :D 

At night we hang out again with the gang! :) The guys gambled and Wei Yien won like RM 400? O.O SERIOUSLY? LOL.
So he was to treat us KFC muahahahahhaa. Everything is on the boss! :D

Before going home! Choon Kiat wants to take a picture with the 2 tall girls from the gang muahahahah! :)))

Well, I can already sense my facebook guy friends dying to ask me about Elise. Hahaha.
Fine, go ahead, here's her FB page: Elise Tan II

Her friend request already reached the max, so you guys just follow her yeah. :)))))) I love checking out her pictures! All so gorgeous!!!! :)))) Proud to have such a pretty model friend!!! Wheeheee! :)

So yeah that's all for today! :)

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