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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Natural Make Up Tutorial for CNY!

Hi peeps, I've decided to do a make-up tutorial before going M.I.A on my blog for 5 days straight. LOL. 
At first I want to do a video version, but dunno why my webcam doesn't work. T____T So I can only do a photo version. Hopefully it will be clear enough! :D

My make-up-tutorial today is something pretty and natural for CNY, using earthy colour tones! :D

First, let me show you the make-up products I use. ;)

MISSHA Signature Real Complete B.B Cream. 

For the eyes, I use KATE! :D I high recommend this brand for eye make-up because it's super easy and nice to use!

For eye brows, I use Bobbi Brown's eye shadow. ;)

Blush from BOURJOIS Paris, and REVLON Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. :)

Start off with a clean face. Make sure you wash your face and put toner to minimize the pores. 
Then put a thin layer of B.B cream on. :)

I use very little B.B cream, just enough to cover up the blemishes and to even out my skin tone.

Let's work on eye brows! I don't have eye brow pencil, so I just fill in my eye brow using Bobbi Brown's eye shadow colour that is pretty close to my hair colour. 

It's better if your eye brows match your hair colour so it'll look more natural! :)

Just fill in the spaces with the powder. Easy peasy. :D

My favourite KATE gradical eyes. :) It's really easy to use because everything is nicely labeled. You just need to put on the eye base, highlight and colours from RIGHT to LEFT. :D

First I put on the eye base and highlight using my ring finger. 
Cover all your eye lids' area with the eye base so your eye shadow will last longer throughout the day.
Then put some highlight on the center of the lid, blending it out to left and right and also highlight your brow bone.

This is important because it gives dimensions to your eyes.

Moving on to colours! :) Using a brush to mix the lighter colours by spinning your brush in circular motion.

After that add some of the darkest brown to the tip of your brush. So you have all 3 shades on brown on your brush now!

Start blending the colours from the center of your eye lid and bringing it out. After that you can use your ring finger to get some eye base to blur out the edges, giving it the smoky effect.

After that, using the darkest brown and trace the lower line of the eyes. Focus more on the ends and bring the colour in to the center. It will make the eyes look bigger and smoky.

Use the highlight colour and trace the tearduct area, so it brightens up the eyes! :)

Next up, is the eyeliner! I'm using KATE super sharp liner. :)

I prefer to draw winged eyeliner for my eyes. And I usually add another line for the lower lashline and bringing it out to form another wing, so it look like this (see picture below). :D
It gives a more doe-eye look. :)

Finish up your eyes by curling your eye lashes and put on mascara! I'm using KATE volume gel mascara. :)

Usually I'll just stop at the eye make-up because I don't use blusher and lipstick, but a make-up tutorial doesn't seem complete without them, so I just add la. Haha.

I'm using Blush from BOURJOIS PARIS and REVLON Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain. :) All pinkish! :D

Just put on your blush in circular motion on your cheekbones. :) You can do so by smiling when you apply it. LOL. :)

As for the balm stain, just put it on as usual. It will not wear off even after eating/drinking/kissing etc. HAHAHAHAHA. #thegoodthingaboutlipstain

The end result! :D

Hope you like this tutorial! :DDDD I will try to do a video version next time! :)

Happy CNY everyone! See you guys after 5 days! :DDDDDDD

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