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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mermaid Curls Without Heat Tutorial & How To Style It.

Hello peeps, miss me? :D Haha, I've been wondering what to blog because life has been pretty dull so far. Staying at home, just practise and online all day long. 

So to spice up my blog, I decided to try out mermaid curls for today! :) I'm going to teach you guys how to have beautiful mermaid curls without any help from hair curler/perm tool! It will not damage your hair and is super easy to do. The outcome is really pretty too! :)

Part your hair into six parts. Take up one part of your hair and start twirling it. Keep twirling it until the end and twirl it into a small bun like what you see in the picture below. Secure it with a pin. 

Do the same to the other 5 parts. You can use hair-bands if your hair is too thick to be secured with pins!

You'll get something like this.

After 1 hour, you can release the pins and let down your curls. It will look something like this. (pic below)

For better effects, you can sleep with the curls pinned for the whole night, and only let down the curls the next day, the curls will last longer! :)

Use your fingers to fluff out the curls so your hair becomes fluffy like this. You can use some hair gels to keep the curls in shape. :)

 I'm really happy with the outcome! Mermaid curls are really romantic. :) This is the effect after I pinned the twirled hair up for 1 hour. :)

Now let's try to do different hairstyles using the mermaid curls! :)
First up, the simple half-up! :) This look is super sweet and good to go for some girly day out with your girlfriends or some romantic dinners with bf. :)

For something more elegant. I styled my hair into a loose elegant bun. This is a much more formal look. :)

It is super easy to do, I just improvise it on the spot. LOL. Twirl the lower part of the hair and hide the extra hair underneath and pin it up! :) Pull some hair out to create the messy feel. Tadaa!

Then for something more sultry and sexy, try to flip two-third of your hair to one side like this. :)
This is a more sophisticated look. :)

My current FB profile pic. LOL. :)

Hope you guys enjoy this tutorial! Have fun trying! :)

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