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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Almost Black! :)

If you guys have seen my instagram, then you probably know I just dyed my hair to another colour yesterday! :D Now my hair is a really really reallyyyy dark brown, almost black! :) 

You must be wondering, why don't I straightaway dye it to black? Well, I think total black will make my hair look too flat and dull, since I don't really have much hair volume. *sigh* So a tint of brown under the sunlight will be better! :) 

I've wanted darker hair colour since I dyed my hair to ash brown last month. I realise ash brown makes my complexion looks more yellowish, and it doesn't go well with a lot of colourful clothes, especially those to the colder colour tone, such as purple, blue, teal etc. And now that CNY is coming, I would want to wear something colourful, and black basically goes well with EVERYTHING! :) 

Now that I have dark hair, I think I look more gothic with just eye-makeup and a lil bit of lipstain on! Haha. It makes my face look really striking. :) *dance around with joy* LOL.

Anyway, I edited most of the pictures in this post, so you can't really see my real hair colour. There're 2 pictures at the end of the post that reveals the real colour. LOL.

Why I edited the colour of these photos, because 1st, I think they'll look more artistic hahahaha, 2nd because got a few people commented in my facebook saying my black hair scares them. Hahahahaha! So I don't want to scare you guys also. XDDDD 

You can still see the tint of brown under the sunlight! :) If there's no sunlight (refers to left side of the hair in the picture), then it looks totally black! :)

Black hair is great for straight-hair look. :)

Oh btw, this is the first time I'm wearing a bandage skirt, love it, but I think it's too tight and too short for me to wear out. XD Wait till I find one that is slightly longer. LOL.

Right, last picture with my hair down.

Decided to tie up my hair into a high ponytail to see how it looks with the bandage skirt.

Since I'm totally in selca mode. LOL LOL. Thanks to my new hair colour.
I tried out the Ribbon Hair that I learnt a few days ago. After failing for 3 times, I managed to do it! :))))) Nice or not?

Anyone wants the hair tutorial? I'll make one if you guys request! Haha!

Ribbon Hair is suitable for sweet Japanese style, which means, match it with sweet, cute dresses, nothing sexy kay! :D

Looks like I have cat ears! Hahaha!

After letting down the ribbon hair, now I got curls! Hahahaha! 

These are the only 2 pictures of my REAL hair colour. :D 

Scary or not? XD Some of my friends say it scares them, maybe because I put on lipstain, so I really look like vampire here. Muahahahahhahahaa! BUT I LIKE IT SO MUCH! I'm tired of the brown hair good girl look. LOLLL.

AND the lipstain that I've been talking about is this awesome Revlon  - Just Bitten Kissable balm stain, a present from my darling Zi Ying! :DDDDD

Really love the colour, besides it stays on and doesn't disappear even after you eat or drink. :) The colour is totally sweet too! Just.... KISSABLE. ;))))
Girls, go get one for CNY! I highly recommend it! :)

Hope you guys like my new hair colour! Teehee!!!!!!
Will update soon! Stay tuned!

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