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Friday, February 1, 2013

The Death Of My Camera & The New Era for My Phone Camera.

Very long title, but it describes my current situation best. :P

My camera had died from a tragic sea accident, which happened like this:

I went to the beach today with my mom, for a mother-and-daughter bonding outing and also planning to take some pictures with the sea. My mom was tired after taking several shots for me, so I decided to selca myself. So I took the camera, wandered into the shallow part of the sea, and started to take some selca pictures. 

All was fine, until I tripped on a rock and fell face-down with the camera still in the ON mode. *Splash*
My mind immediately sensed trouble and I staggered out of the water after the camera submerged into the sea for like 2 seconds. BUT, the damage was done.

The LCD of the camera was dark, and it had no reaction even after I punched on the power button. I was frantic, I grabbed my mom's dress to mop the camera (because my own shirt was wet already) and my mom was like,  "Hey don't pull my dress!" LOL LOL.

Then I recalled a post about a laptop getting wet and you'll have to shut off the power ASAP, take out the battery and put the laptop under the sun/blow it dry using a hairdryer. It might still survive. So I took out the battery and went to my friend's (Ah Kwek) shop in the hope that his dad might fix it. His dad wasn't there when I got there, but he was. His first question to me was, "Did you switch it on after it fell into the water?" I said, "No, it's already switched on before it fell into the water." He shook his head and said, "Then I think it's totally dead liao, definitely short circuit already." T______T

Anyway, he's still nice enough to use a hairdryer to blow it dry for me, and at the same time consoling me to wait until 2mr, maybe it might have some chance of waking up again. T____T
I still hold my hopes high and when I got home, I switched on the computer and googled about "Camera fell into Sea What To Do".

Then I felt HOPELESS.

T____T They said, salt water + electronics = disaster. There's very slim chance that my camera might come back to life again. Even if there's really miracle that it might switch on tomorrow, the salt inside it will corrode the inner parts and sooner or later it will break down totally. T_____T 

I tried rinsing it with distilled water and blow it dry again (following the instructions from google), but I think it's impossible to totally wash out the salt inside. :'( Up until now, my camera still look like this:

It died with its lens out. Just like a human died with eyes opened. T____T So tragic.
RIP my darling camera...... 

I already asked my friend how much will it cost if I fix it, he told me need at least RM 1000 even if it's under warrantee, because this is under accident damage. T____T I emailed the RICOH company in Shanghai, and they told me the same thing. Some more there is no RICOH fixing factory in Shanghai, only available in Guangzhou, so it means I need to ship it to Guangzhou for fixing too. Very mafan. T___T

I'm still thinking whether I should buy a new one or fix this one. :'( Anyone give me any opinions please?

I'm planning to use my phone camera for 1 year, and try my best to earn and save a lot of money and buy a new camera/fix it then! :D

PS: All the pictures in this post are taken using my phone camera. Hooray for Samsung Galaxy S III camera!!! The only consolation I have after losing my baby camera. T___T

These 2 pictures are taken using the front camera of my S III! :) Quality not bad right? 

And behold, these pictures are taken with the back camera (higher pixel one). 
The quality can fight my camera already! O.O!!!!! Super clear! Colour also very nice!

Even can see the pores on my face clearly. Hahaha.
Seriously I didn't know my phone camera is so good one. XD Coz I totally rely on my camera to do all the picture-shooting. Totally abandon my phone camera already, except to take some pictures to put on instagram.

Now after the death of  my camera, only I realised how awesome my phone camera is! :DDDDD Hahahahaha!

Oh yeah, speaking of bad luck. I got a huge blister on my finger today because.........

I tried to use the hair curler/straightener given by Yiguo. It was my first time using it so I actually have zero idea on how to use this thing.
And I actually touched this part (in the picture) thinking that it might be heat insulated. T______T

So that was how I got my blister. T___T

Lost the mood to try out the hair curler/straightener already. Maybe after my blister goes down. LOL.

Anywayyyyy, there is still happy things awaiting for me! I always believe in one thing, if you have total bad luck at the beginning of the day, that just wait, the rest of the day will be totally wonderful! :) And I have been proven right! :)

Got Sera's message to hang out together with Najwa in the evening and I was so happy! A perfect way to distract myself from the awful trauma of losing my baby camera. LOL.

We hang out at Secret Recipe

Here's Najwa's Hazel Cheese Cake!

Najwa! :D She has the cutest voice on earth and her personality is soooooo cute and funny you're gonna die. Hahahaha! If you hang out with you, you'll just laugh all day/night long until you got a heart attack. Hahahahaha!

Sera and I got the noodle in Tom Yum Soup! :)
I have been craving for spicy food already because seldom can eat this in Shanghai (unless I go to those expensive restaurants which means total waste of my hard-earned money. T_T)

Sera my baby girl! :)

And me! :)

Looking at this quality, apparently we're taking the pictures using the front camera hahaha. Lower mega pixel and slightly blurred. XD

I'm very yimjim (picky) when it comes to pictures, because I have been using super nice camera before. (which reminds me again it is DEAD) *wails*

T__________T OH GOD OH GOD. T__________T

Anywayyyy, the 3 of us! :D

Back camera! :) Better colour and clearer picture!

Front camera again! hahaha!

Before going home! :) Thank you my darlings, you guys make my miserable day so much better! :DDDDD

Before taking a shower, decided to take some selca pictures. :)
Oops, no. Not some, I took a lot. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

In my title, I mentioned that it is The Death Of My Camera & The New Era for My Phone Camera.
Now that I'm using my phone camera, I'm going to have more selca pictures in the future! LOL!!!

I already cut down on selca pictures a long time ago because since my camera is of high quality, I prefer to use it to take scenery pictures/whole body shots. And my old phone front camera's quality too bad I lazy to use. Haha.

Now that I have this awesome phone, you guys will see A LOT of my narcissistic selca pictures. Sorry about that. Hahahahaha!!!!!!

The front camera is just too convenient! :DDDDD

Oh yeah, I did this hairstyle for today! :) A braid over my head, just like a head band! :) Nice or not? 

Continue with more selca shots. 

LOL, should stop already, later all of you vomit. XD

Good night! :) 

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