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Friday, February 8, 2013

Crabby Post!

I realised I'm kinda addicted to blogging already. LOL LOL. One day don't update also feel super weird. Luckily I have lotsa things to update about. Hehehehe!

Btw before showing you guys the pictures, I would like to tell you guys that I seldom eat crabs.


1) Because I VERY LAZY. Lol. The juicy crab meat is totally tempting, but the moment I lay my eyes on its shell, I give up. Too much effort for me. 

2) Eating crabs equals to losing the "elegant" image in the public because you'll have to turn into a muscle girl cracking up the crab's legs, licking your fingers and sucking the crab meat out. That is...... not exactly an ideal scene I want for myself. Hahahahaha.

3) I always wait for someone to open up the crabs for me. In this case it'll be my dad. Hahahaha, but my dad also lazy to open for me already because too mafan already, so I ended up not eating crabs. T___T

However, my 2 Makan Buddies: Sera & Uzair, totally changed me. 

This winter holidays is basically the time I eat the most crabs in my life EVER. 2 weeks ago they already brought me to eat that Meggi Ketam (Crab Maggi Noddle) and yesterday Sera brought us to Laguna Ikan Bakar to have the famous Salted Egg Crab there! :D

I didn't even know Kemaman have so many nice eating places! :DDDDD

Fresh crabs to choose from. 100g = RM6!

Sera and I ordered Tomyum Fried Rice. :) Super spicy and yum!!!

Here's the famous salted egg crabs!!!!!!! The crabs so big omg! :D
And the taste just........ CRAZY CRAZY CRAZYYYY YUM.
You guys just imagine, salted egg together with crab meat. The combination, just, AWESOMENESS. T______T *running out of descriptions*

Without flash also looks yummy wtf. T_______T

Say hello to my Makan Buddies! Hahaha!
Uzair & Sera!

Happy me! First time can't wait to dig in and start cracking crab legs. Hahahaha!
I don't care for the "public image" already, it smells so good!!! :D

Ze King and Queen of Crab Eating. :)
Check out the damages. Hahahahahaha!

Ze Newbie in Crab Eating, Level 1 succeeded! :D Such a satisfying meal!

Now I'm going to show you guys the ULTRA MEGA SUPER DUPER CHUBBY BABY. 

This baby can sense it when a camera is taking his picture, and he will pose and smile to the camera one. Very clever. Somemore he's so chubbily photogenic everyone will want to pinch his cheeks after looking at the pictures. T_____T I'm still pinching his cheeks through my laptop's screen right now. OMG CANNOT TAHAN. T_____T

D.O.U.B.L.E.C.H.I.N. O.O!!!!!

How come got such chubby cheeks in the world one?????? T________T

LOL. Till the next post! XOXO!

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