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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Up 32nd Floor!

I know 32nd floor doesn't sound that high, but it would be different if you can see the whole city view of Shanghai through it! :D

Went to this gig at Marriott Hotel in People Square, the hotel was actually up at the 32nd floor, interesting! XD The floors below are all offices.
The weather that day was dreary and not a bit of sunlight manage to shine through the gloomy clouds. :(
Anyway watching the cars and people from high up above actually made my day. Everything was minimized and it feels like I was looking at a toy world, where the toys were moving around. ;)

I guess life is just the same, when it gets complicated, you have to step away from it and look at the problems at a further place, so everything will be minimized and much easier to handle. :D

In my favourite white gown again! :)

Crazily packed buildings if you look at the further side. O.O Shanghai the concrete jungle.

ps: My hair is getting longer yay! :D

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