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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Dance Again World Tour Shanghai :)

Hellooooo dearies! I'm back after 6 days. XD Told you I can only blog on Sundays. T_____T Exams are coming soon and sitting down to blog just feel sinful. LOL.

My violin teacher organised the violin performance thing every Sunday now. All his students (altogether like 30 of them) have to go up the stage and play their scales, Paganini, Dont or Rode just like how the technical exam should be and afterwards the others will have to give comments and marks for each of the student. 

It was pretty nerve-wrecking because everyone plays really well, and they are extremely competitive. When it comes to the comment and mark-giving part, some people can be really straight to the point and it might end up pretty hurtful. Anyway, teacher is right about that, he said, "My comment during the lesson might not be poisonous enough to drive you guys to work harder. However I believe what your friends say will carry more weight." Nobody likes to be look down upon, so they'll work extra harder to be better. So hurtful comments can be really constructive. :)

Today the temperature gets down to 0 degree, which is considered a really low temperature for Shanghai. Sad thing there's no snow yet. :(

I'll blog about the Jennifer Lopez Dance Again World Tour Shanghai! Sorry guys, it was dated back to 24th November, LOL. I have the habit of blogging according to the date of the events, so I will not blog about this concert without finishing blogging about the things happen before it! ;D

(Hairstyle credits to Yiguo! :) Love the curls!)
Leather jacket, bag, and gold polka dot dress from Forever 21
Yellow scarf from Muxiaopai's Home
Studded boots from online.

My babes, Rena and Xing Xing! :)
Some silly shots at the subway! LOL!

We bought the ticket online for RMB 298! ;D The original price is RMB 380 huhuhu.
I didn't blog about it, but we went to the Maroon 5's concert like 2 months ago, and we didn't buy any tickets before hand because we were sure that there would be cheaper tickets there.
In the end, we ended up waiting for 2 freaking hours, and the ticket price just got higher and higher, and still selling like hot cakes!!! O.O It was complete insanity. Even after the concert started for 1 hour, there were still people buying the tickets to get in! 

So we learnt our lesson and this time we bought our tickets 2 weeks before the concert. LOL.

At the Mercedes Benz Arena! :)

We had our dinner there. There was an Element Fresh stall. :)
My prawn noodle. 

Rena and her chicken porridge. ^.^

Btw Xing Xing's Armenian friend joined us too! He's Gevorg! :) Super cute guy!

Xing Xing had curry rice. :)

The concert was supposed to start at 8pm, so we got in around 7.30pm.
The arena was sooooooo big omg. Check it out. That time it was still pretty vacant.

We sat at the last row so the stage was super far from us. T_____T Sob.
What to do? No money to buy those RMB 1000/2000 plus tickets. LOL. 

The 4 excited people selca while waiting for the concert to start. :D 

Pictures to show you how high up we were sitting at. Actually we already walked down like 10 or 20 rows to take these pictures. XD

I got pretty dizzy being so high up. Just keep holding to the hand rail. XD

We are falling down!!!!! LOL!

At 8.00 pm!!!!!!! It was totally packed with people!!!

The concert was delayed for 30 minutes, and when it started, it was a real sight. 

JLO was super hot and so energetic she danced and shaked and everyone got crazy screaming her name, waving their neon lights thingy.
And there was the video of her and her boyfriend dancing, it was really beautiful and sweet, and videos of her children too! :)

The only thing was our seats were too far from the stage so what we could see are just some tiny dots moving around on the stage, we had to look at the big screen beside the stage to know what exactly was going on. LOL.

Anyway got some pictures from the web to show you guys! :D

All the dancers were really hot and professional! :DDDDD 

The dress that I like most in the concert! Beautiful flowy baby blue gown that looks like greek goddess. :DDDD ME WANT!!!

The concert ended with the shooting of silver confetti and everyone was yelling "encore encore". XD It was a great concert! :D

Pictures of us going home! :D At the subway again. LOL.

And IN the subway train. Hahahaha!!!!

That's all for tonight! Mwahx! Till then!

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