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Monday, December 3, 2012

Dogs Are Men's Best Friends. :)

Hello I'm back peeps! The trio performance today was okay, now have to continue to prepare for the sem-end exam! 
And shit, I still haven't start writing the 中国概况论文, needs to write more than 2500 words wth. T___T I love writing but I don't like to write those too formal stuff. I prefer writing stories. Haha.

Some outfit pics from last week. :)
That's my new black winter coat I got from LOHAS ZHUYI (online shop)! Bought it during the Taobao's Single Day's SALE! LOL.
It's super warm and furry, love it max.

I'm very into black clothes nowadays. Guess you can see. Black coat, black bag, black socks and shoes. LOL.

And that day I met the sweetest labrador ever! :) It was chillaxing at the lawn with its owner and I, being a dog lover, was immediately attracted to this cute cordial creature.

Its owner told me that it is extremely kind to human, so I sat beside it and started patting its head. :) And it swung its tail vigorously, apparently it likes me too! Hehehe!

And then it gives me a really slobbery kiss! :D *aww meltsssss*

Labrador is one of my most favourite dog breeds ever because I read Marley and Me and also a lot of touching dog movies that are starring labrador! They're so gentle and they have huge soft brown eyes that can look into your soul.

A few days ago, I saw in the tv that survey proves that dogs also have sympathy! :D That's why they will come to console us when they feel that we're unhappy and sad. So sweet!

I'm wondering if my bunny has sympathy too, but looking at how it ransacked my room everytime I let it out, I decided it doesn't have, because it doesn't care when I was crying mopping up its pee and poo. LOL. 

Little labby yawning! :D

Sweet dog makes my day! :)

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