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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wire Bicycle. :)

Finding time to blog! I'm totally into blogging mood right now because I have so many pictures to update about! :D
December is totally my month, I'm a December baby, LOL! :D

Was going out to a new cafe to chill and saw this vendor at the roadside selling beautiful handmade wire bicycle.

He was making one himself when I walked by, and I was totally intrigued with the artwork. How interesting to just wind a long straight wire into something like this! Can you do it? *challenge* Haha!

Bought one from the vendor as a salute to his creativity and meticulous hard work. :)

Use the wire bicycle as a tool in my pictures later in the cafe! :D

Having Lemon Tart. Yum!!!

The cafe I went to was called the Green Kitchen. It was really new, opened only for 2 weeks and already crowded with people!!!
The interior was absolutely cosy and spacious, the cakes and drinks were great, and what's more? They sell organic things there too! So it's actually an organic food market + nice cafe. :)

It has become the new place where all the foreigners come to chill in the afternoon. :)

Loving my hot chocolate! It's definitely the real HOT CHOCOLATE because the texture was so thick! Not like those so-called Hot Chocolate in some cafes where the drink was like chocolate flavoured water. LOL.

In Green Kitchen, when you order Hot Chocolate, you pretty much get molten chocolate!!!

An interior shot! Didn't went to the food market part because too many people there. 

The waiter was posing for a picture. LOL! 


They also sell fresh vege outside too! :D


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