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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rena's Furry Phonecase and Paulaner's X'mas Market! :)

Finally a Christmas-related post! Haha!
My blog title starts with Rena's Furry Phonecase because almost one-third of the pics from this post is furry-phonecase-related. LOLOL.

Last week, Xing Xing told us about this awesome Christmas Market at Paulaner and everyone was getting really excited about it. Rena and Xing Xing were totally hyped about trying out the Gluhwein (Hot Wine) there. Though me the spoilsport can't understand what's so nice about the wine. HAHA. *Heads-up: Never give me any alcohol-related birthday present tqvrymuch. LOLLLL*

Before we went to the X'mas market, the 5 of us (Xing Xing, Rena, Tuya, Uliji and me) had dinner at a SiChuan restaurant! :)

That was the time when Rena showed us her super furry phonecase. O.O You can always count on Rena to show us some super cute stuff! :D Japanese have all ze cute stuff in the world. T____T So niceeeeeee!

2 posers wahahaha!!!

The more subdued threesome. XD 

One poser detected!!! Haha!

A closer shot of the furry phonecase, totally reminded me of Kathy and Paulina's bunny! :D 

Continue with the furry-phonecase photo spree. XD

LOL. If you've had enough of the furry phonecase, I'll continue to bomb you guys with these 2 posers' photosssss! LOLOLOLLLL!

LOL they're too cute omg. XD I always die laughing looking at their pictures. XD

The black elves. XD




It was really fun because there were all foreigners there and everyone was super friendly.
If you are taking a picture, others will suddenly join you, 
like this:

Haha! Fun max! And if you're mumbling to yourself which things to buy, some strangers will answer you! :D
I was talking to myself on how to spend my RMB 25 voucher, and suddenly a guy beside me said, "Hey, you can get the pizza there! It's exactly RMB 25!" 

LOL. :) We got to meet lotsa merry people there! :DDD

Group selca. ;D

Really have to give credits to Iphone's picture quality! :D 

Some cute stalls there!

There was this hugeeeee x'mas tree. ;)

This wooden-soldier-with-a-drum is getting very popular here.

That's the Gluhwein (Hot Wine) behind me! RMB 55 for one cup. Geez so expensive. T____T Anyway I remembered trying it before in Pablo's house, it was pretty nice, and is great for winter because it gives your tummy this warm fuzzy feeling. LOL.

The pizza that is RMB 25 per piece! Quite a good deal, but in the end I bought a cup of hot chocolate and some snacks. XD

Black elf in the bamboo forest. Haha!

Then we got crazy with the starry decos there. :D

Some beautiful Arabian-looking lamps on sale!

Super cute Santa candy!

Very real fire heater LOLLL.

We went inside Paulaner to watch Jun sing! :) All the songs that night was just amazing, everyone was dancing and enjoying. :)

Say hi to Jun! Haha!

I went to the X'mas market the next day to buy something and too bad it was the last day so all the stall keepers already pack their things. They are selling their stuff with super low price so I got myself some cute x'mas stuff! :D

The pretty red box with golden ribbon! Can put my accessories inside. :)

Cute snowman pen and the Pine Santa? :D

Merry X'mas everyone! HOHOHO!!!

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