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Friday, December 21, 2012

Lavender Top.

Start this post with a killer face. LOL.
No idea why I look so pissed, but the main point is not my messy hair or my sucky expression, it's the lavender top I'm wearing. Hahaha.

I'm feeling like blogging now but too lazy to separate things into different posts, so I combine all the posts where I'm wearing this lavender top. XD

I didn't find my hairstylist since July! Haha! It's already 5 months now! I'm happy to see my hair growing longer and longer. I want long hair for CNY muahahaha! :D I'm planning to find my hairstylist maybe a few days before I go back to Malaysia, just to tidy my whole hair up! :DDD

Exam is coming so I barely have time to online/blog. 
Watch The Rite yesterday night, was freak out with the whole demon possession thingy but I think the story line was very moving, how a doubter changed into someone who finally believe in god and fight the evil. :) Though I suffered from nightmares after watching it. T___T

Anyway, I'm going to watch it tonight with my roommate and her friend, Zula. Hehe. You can say I like to spread the horror to my friends. Hahaha! I think the actress and Anthony Hopkins who acted as the Father are super awesome because they played out the possessed part so well I still shudder every time I think about it. X.X

So you guys out there who loves god or horror movie, don't hesitate to watch The Rite! It's also the Academy Award Winner okay? Don't play play! Haha!

Alright back to the lavender top blogging spree! Haha! First I wore it to the Korean dinner with my babes! We were celebrating Tuya's and Yiguo's freedom, after the painstaking HSK 4 and TOEFL exam. LOL. I brought them to the Korean restaurant that my Korean babes recommended me last time, 青鹤谷.

Ignore my puffy eyes. I've been in this worn-out state since the beginning of December. T____T

The appetizers!

The main dishes! :) Lazy to name one by one LOL. #failedblogger

There's also free ice cream! The taste was just so-so. Hmm. :) What do you expect for freebies? XD

Happy Yiguo. :D

Happy girls! :D Tuya and Uliji from Mongolia. :)

Me and my crappy fringe. X_X

4 of us! :)

There are some new pictures outside the restaurant! :) PSY was there too! Hahaha!

And the 2nd time I wore the top, was at the Green Kitchen again! :)
The sun was setting so there was this great orangey effect on pictures! :) Love max.

Having molten chocolate cake for the day. Crazily yum.

I look super kiddy with bangs fml. T__T

LOL. Till the next post! :)

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