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Thursday, December 13, 2012

For the Night Cats.

Last post before dropping off for sleep! :D
Be ready to drool over my post because I have some yummy desserts awaiting you! LOL! Don't blame me for putting up food pictures after midnight, blame yourself for sleeping so late, HAHAHA!

Anyway, do you have the same problem with me? Always promising yourself that today will be the last day you stay up late, because staying up late is no good, but you just can't stop doing it day after day? 

I tried to sleep earlier too, switching off the lights and pulling up the blanket, trying my best to doze off at 10pm. I ended up tossing and turning with my mind sharp as a razor. 

So I gave up.

This post is to salute all the night cats (夜猫子)like me out there! :)*high fives buddies!*

Went to Whisk the other day to get some chocolate desserts!
Wearing Rena's furry gloves, cute max!!!!!!!!!

The famous Chocolate Theraphy. :) It tasted totally sinful.

The molten chocolate cake! Perfect to go with vanilla ice cream. Prepare to experience hot and cold at the same time! And the vanilla ice cream sort of neutralise the over-sweetness of the chocolate.

This, is my favourite of all in Whisk. :)

Chocolate buddy of the day! Rena! :D

One more without flash! :D

Some pictures from another evening after ensemble practice with my friends! :D
There was a place where people usually took their dogs for evening walks and I was in love with this adorable golden retriever wearing blue winter coat muahahahaha!

It's the first time I saw a dog wearing thick winter dog coat! :D Usually when someone dress up their dogs, they just let them wear some cute fancy stuff because the dogs already have their fur so they won't feel cold. Their owners just dress them up so they would be looking cute. XD

So this golden retriever here was like so cute wearing this not-too-fancy-totally-down-to-earth thick coat as if its own thick fur wasn't enough. Hahaha!

HAHAHAHA I can't stop laughing! XDDDD

Last picture! Over-exposed but I'm happy with it! :D

It's 1.01am now! Good night people! :)


  1. wen xi, when I first look at the second pix of u with the golden retriever, I thought the poodle behind you was leapting up to ur violin case le,later then I just figure out, ANGel;s pro, did u notice that?

    1. :) haha yeah I just noticed it too! :DDDDD LOL you're so observant! :D What's angel's pro??