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Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Love You!

This post is basically going to be a love-craze post extended to my baby Fion Paris Jackson  who had sent me an adorable "love letter" all the way from Aussie to Malaysia! T_______T

This is probably my very first time receiving a love letter and pressie from a blogger friend. LOL and I wasn't expecting it at all. Well, Fion did mentioned about getting me a souvenir from Sydney last month and I was like, "Really?? Thank you!!!" And then I forgot all about it. *me being forgetful as usual* LOL.

So today after getting my lunch outside with my mom, I checked the mailbox and there were like a whole bunch of mails there. I took it without looking closely because I thought those were all my parent's bills and stuff. Nobody will send me anything since most of the time I'm in Shanghai. 

I was busy with my phone when suddenly my mom was like, "Hey I think this is for you."
I was like, "What???". And I saw the bright red square envelope lying there on the table, with super cute handwriting on it. O.O

You know, it has been a really long time since I last gotten a snail mail. I used to have a lot of penpals back in my teenage years. I think snail mails are really amazing thing, because the effort and time people make in composing the letter, and their unique handwriting, it makes everything so special and precious. I still have all my penpals' letters stacked tidily up in a drawer in my room. So many of them it's crazy!!!!

Nowadays I don't really get letters like this anymore. Usually my friends and I just contact each other using FB or email. So the excitement of getting snail mails slowly faded away. Lemme see, I didn't get letters/pressies like this since a longgg time, just from a few sweet friends like Frank and Miki who sent me really amazingggg pressies, letters and postcards last year. T_____T *gandong max again* Thank you guys!!! So you would understand if I get mad excited when I get letters like this. :)

So I carefully opened the letter..........and.......

TADAA! :DDDD There's a cute card and necklace inside!!!! :DDDDDD

Well, I'm not going to share with you guys the content of the card since it's our love letter hahahahhahahaa! I'm going to show you guys the necklace she got for me!!!

2 doves with a Lucky word in the middle! :))))) SO PRETTY!!!!! T_______T


I whatsapp-ed her the moment I got the letter and Fion was like, "Do you like the necklace? I scare you don't like le, coz our style so different."
LOL darling, I love it really much! :) I basically love all kinds of beautiful, dreamy, simple and delicate accessories. So this is totally my thing! :DDDDDD

Yes I think we should come up with a hashtag too. LOL. We'll discuss about this real soon. :DDDD Thank you so much my darling!!!! T__________T
Hahaha I think my post will just be full of crying faces T________________T T_____________T T____________T because I'm so happy. :DDDD


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