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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What Is In Your Bag? (Vlog Collab) by Xixi. :)

Hey peeps! This is my very first Vlog collab with 3 other bloggers (Fion Paris Jackson, Daphne Froggy and IvYan), oh no, should be 4 bloggers if Smiling Eyes have time to join us too! :D Hahahaha. We've decided upon the title "What Is In Your Bag?" so there goes!

I think it is a really fun thing to record a vlog because I've never really try to talk to the video alone. Like nobody's there and I just keep blabbering non-stop, it felt so funny at first! Anyway after that I just imagine there are a bunch of people in front of me and I'm trying to tell them what I have in my bag (ridiculous as it sounds) and the video is out! Hahahahaa!

So I hope you guys enjoy watching my stupid video and bear with me. LOL. Oh yeah remember to change the video quality to 480p so you guys can watch it clearer okay? 

Oh and remember to watch my 4 awesome blogger friends' videos as well!

Daphne is an amazing fashion blogger who's staying in Japan right now. So if you guys love Japan/Japanese fashion and all the pretty cute stuff. Go read her blog. :DDDYou guys can watch here video HERE! She's so pretty I love her dimples and the tiger teeth when she smile! :))))

2) Fionism a.k.a Fion Paris Jackson

And Tadaaaa here's my crazy darling, Fion! :DDDD Her vlog always make my day one coz she's super funny LOL. Go watch her video HERE! She's a huge Kpop fans and if you check out her video you'll see that huge-ass Korean stars poster wall behind her hahahahahahaha!!!!! I think I'll slowly turn into a Kpop fans too under her influence because she sometimes show me some cute Korean guys' pictures. LOL LOL LOL.

3) Ivy Liew

Here's our sweetie pie, Ivy!!!!! I die every time I listen to her voice! Super cuteeeeeee! And the way she speaks is super gentle and sweet one and she got dimples too!!!!! *I want dimples perleaseeeeeee* Hahahahahha! Now you guys can watch her video HERE!

Alright! Now only Vincci a.k.a Smiling Eyes's video is yet to come! Stay tuned peeps! :D Cheers! :D

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