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Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Crazy Sunday.

You know, I nvr really fancy any celebrities. I mean I like to watch dramas/movies/tv series but I wouldn't go all fan-girling at a celebrity. LOL. So this is going to be a story about how I actually waited for the Taiwanese celebrity, Ariel Lin for freaking 2 hours! T_________T

Trust me, I don't want it.

LOL anyway let's start from the beginning of the day! I hang out with Gift, a lovely Thai girl I knew from the Thai festival last time! She's going to leave Shanghai for good so she wanted to spend time with me and take a stroll around Shanghai and visit some places she hasn't go yet. :)

The weather that day was crazy. It was so super hot, like 38 degree and both of us felt so tired from walking under the sun. We actually walked all the way from HengShan road to Xu Jia Hui. LOL.

I have a thing for buildings that have plants crawling all over the wall. :)

We were thankful when we got to Xujiahui and there are lots of shopping malls with air-cond inside. LIFE SAVER!!!!!!!
It was already noon time and we wanted to get some lunch and......... Gift saw something she really excited about: an event where the Taiwanese celebrity Ariel Lin (林依晨) will attend later at 2.30pm!

So she was like "Can we please stay here until 2.30pm because I really want to meet her!!!!"
I was like, "Uhm but what should we do here for 2 hours????" 
So in the end we went to get some lunch at the pizzahut nearby the entrance so we can make sure the event didn't start earlier. LOL.

THE FOOD IN PIZZAHUT HERE IS WAY SHITTIER THAN MALAYSIA'S. T_T Totally sucks. Not going to eat there anymore.

Anyway around 1.30pm. The crowd seemed to get crazy outside so Gift was worried that we wouldn't get a good place out there later to watch so we went out and waited outside.


Did I mention? I hate waiting. 

I only have patience for the things that I'm interested in, like practising or drawing or waiting for PEOPLE THAT I ACTUALLY INTERESTED IN. LOL.

But you ask me to wait in this heat for some celebrity I don't care about? LOL. I DON'T WANT. T_______T

So I told Gift, "Darling, I think I'm going to wait inside and when you finish taking pictures and everything you just call me ok?"

But she held my hands and said with pretty big eyes, "Oh please, wait together with me!!! It's kinda weird waiting alone here."

So yeah, I stayed. Sweaty and unhappy. LOL.

Everything was okay until a fat guy came along and stood beside me. He has a very fat tummy and he purposely pushed people forward just to get a good place to take pictures. He pushed me so hard I almost fell down and I got really mad and yelled at him. "CAN YOU JUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE AND TAKE PICTURES THERE?! STOP PUSHING ME!!!"

I guess I can get real scary if I want to and the guy squirmed. LOL.

Well, finally, at 3.30pm, the star appeared. =.=''' So you see we actually stood there in the heat for freaking 2 HOURS!!!!

Anyway, think positively, at least I DID tried to be a fangirl once in my lifetime???

Here goes pictures for the fans of Ariel. LOL. She's very pretty in real life. 

After taking the pictures, I thought this madness was finally over. So I was like PHEW. 

BUT HOW WRONG WAS I!!! Ariel continued to move to the shopping mall next door and the fans are like running to the next shopping mall!!!!!! And Gift, my Thai friend, was like holding my hand and started running with them too!


But she just continued running, dragging me along. T______________T


But when I think back it's actually kinda funny. Hahahahhahaa! I was so sweaty, desperately trying to escape and on the verge of breaking down. 

Finally at 4.30pm, Gift was satisfied with the celebrity-meetup and we moved to the next destination. Thank god. LOL.

We decided to visit the highest building in Shanghai, Shanghai World Financial Center! :)

There's this number showing on the ceiling indicating which floor the elevator is now on.

Looks really futuristic inside. :) We paid RMB 100 each for the ticket and we got to go up to the 100th floor! :)

If you go on your birthday you can get a free pass!

It's really cool to see pearl tower and Jin Mao tower from this height! :) Usually they are like so tall!

Funny picture taken using the reflection of the ceiling!

The coming up pictures are all taken using Gift's camera. :)

We are at 474m!!!

We stayed there until 7pm where the lights all came up! :)

And we had dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. :) Nomnomnom! :)

It was a really crazy day but fun! :) Thank you Gift and take care!! :)))))

I'm leaving to Qing Dao tomorrow! Will blog about it soon! Till then! XOXO!

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