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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Qingdao The Rainy City (Day 1)

Sorry for dragging this post until now. I have like 400 plus pictures in my Qingdao Trip folder and a lot of them are actually repetitive so I was EXTREMELY lazy to sort them out and choose the best pictures to blog about. LOL. Bloggers you will feel me. T_____T

Anyway I don't want my blog to go rusty so I painstakingly chose a few nice pictures from that crazy lump of photos and now I'm going to write what I remember about that beautiful island. :)

To be honest, when I first stepped on it. I was not impressed, at all. Ridiculous as it may sound, I have always imagine Qingdao to be a really out-of-the-world place. Beautiful beaches, breath-taking scenery. Well, blame the name (Qingdao in mandarin means Green Island), I automatically pictured a fairy-tale-ish island that is green in colour hahahaha wtf I know right. :D I just like to imagine things sometimes. :D

So you will understand when I stepped onto the island after the 2 hours flight from Shanghai. I was disappointed.

It wasn't green. It was actually not much different from any town/city that I've been to. The weather that day was cloudy so the whole island looked grey-ish. It was just too....... plain. :'(

I put down the luggages in the hostel and went out to have lunch. Btw, I'm staying at a hostel where I share beds with some other girls I don't know. It was quite fun. There were like 4 double-decker beds in the room and the sad thing was, I got the upper bed. O.O Will tell you guys about that later lol.

Lunch venue: 船歌鱼水饺
It was pretty easy to find the place because I'm using the famous website in China:
Lol lol. And this restaurant is like top on the list. :)

Spicy clams! Love this the most because it's so fat and juicyyyyy. It is really funny because we just keep ordering this everyday because it's too good. You'll see in the coming-up posts. :DDDD

Here comes the highlight of the day. Squid dumplings!!!!!!
I was like "ARE YOU SURE THIS IS EDIBLE?!" when it was served. 
It just looked......... disgusting......... and  black.

I've never eaten anything black before. Lemme see, yeah, none. So I was kinda worried about putting this thing inside my mouth.

So I cut one open cautiously and heyyy it's fish filling inside! :DDD It actually looks good like this.

And then I popped one inside my mouth and I was like.........


Then I spent the next half an hour feeling blessed and happy and finishing that huge plate of dumplings. LOL. Each time I popped a dumpling inside my mouth I can feel that fireworks-flowers-everywhere kinda feeling again. It was amazing. T______T Oh shit, now I'm craving for it again.

For beer lovers, you will love this! :D Hah!

In almost EVERY restaurant in Qingdao, there will be seafood on display and you get to choose them and how you want them to be cooked. :) Very convenient. And the seafood prices is wayyyyy cheaper than Shanghai!

The restaurant we dined at! :D

Just For You And Yo?

Varieties of Qingdao beer. :)

Next Stop: The Olympic Sailing Center! :)
 It was constructed for the 2008 Summer Olympics. It hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Sailing competitions.

It was hot that day, but considered cool compared to Shanghai scorching heat. :) I just recovered from my heat stroke at that time, so I made absolute sure that I had a bottle of drinks with me all the time! I don't want to get sick again. :(

I feel really sad for the horse because for the 1 hour I stayed at that place it had to keep working and walking non-stop. :(

Chok face. Hahahahha! I know you want to slap me, I want to slap myself too. :DDDD

Back to a more normal mode hahahahaha! I think I like my current hair colour. Somehow the black roots aren't that obvious! :) I guess I'll leave my hair like this and keep growing it longer. :)

I love this place with all the international flags! 

Malaysia! :D

As you can see the weather that day was really foggy. :( But somehow it makes the pictures look more artistic. :)))))

And some silly stories about my night at the hostel. LOL.

Remember I was saying I got the upper bed because the other girls got there earlier? Oh yeah there were like 7 other girls actually. So I had no choice as I was the late-comer. And the thing was the air-cond was just like a few inches above my head!!!!! In the end I switched the position so my legs are facing the air-cond instead. LOL.

So I fell asleep and in the midnight suddenly I woke up after getting a horrible nightmare. I dreamt that I was sleeping and I rolled over and fell down the double-decker bed! MAN THAT'S REAL SCARY NO KIDDING. You imagine, falling down when you sleep from a double-decker bed!!!!!!!! You get the picture?!??!?! Plus the barrier that protected me from falling down was just like 5cm high and it was kinda old already so when I shook it it wobbled. WTH!!!!!!

In the end I just twisted and turned in my bed and somehow fell asleep in tears. LOL LOL LOL.

Okay that tears part is exaggerated. :D But I really am scared of falling down in sleep okay! T_____T
I've never sleep on a double-decker bed before and somemore on the upper bed. LOL.

Well, that's for the 1st day! :) Will update again soon! Stay tuned! :)

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