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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Qingdao The Rainy + Sunny City (Day 2)

Oops, sorry for the hiatus! :D
Although I've just been staying at home everyday in Malaysia, I am just too lazy to sort out the pictures. LOL. Especially when they are like some from the phone and some from this camera and that. OMG. Totally contributes to more headaches. T____T

Anyway I'm going to blog about Day 2 now, you'll have to keep reading because I've a lot of stories to tell! :) This is the day I hung out with some friends I get to know from the international hostel! :) You see, there are a lot of friends of my age staying there as well and they are all up for touring around Qingdao so I just joined them, better than following those tour-groups that you have to pay and rush around the city. :D

The weather was bad again that morning. It was raining a little at first and the rain got really heavy afterwards! We took a bus to our first destination: 劈材院. It is a place famous of all the local snacks and bbq things! The funny thing was, the guy in charge of the hostel warned us beforehand that WE SHOULDN'T BUY/EAT THE FOOD THERE because first, they tasted HORRIBLE and they're much more expensive than the other places. :D A place they cheat the tourists hahahahahaa! So anybody who goes there, bear in mind. :) Just take pictures ok? :D

Oh yeah, something that I found really interesting in the bus. :) There was a kid who threw up milk in the bus. Like a lot of milk and the liquid that he threw up sort of flowed and contaminated others passengers' bags and stuff too since some of them put the bags on the groud. It stinked so bad and the kid's mom was like apologizing and really upset. She kept mopping up the threw-up milk (yes, there's actually a mop in the bus!) and trying to clean her child's face. 

The thing that really surprises me was, nobody in the bus complained. Nobody even make any annoyed faces or scrunched up their noses. NO. There were some people who came to the mother with some tissues so she could clean up the kid's face and the people whose bags were dirtied by the milk, they just smiled and said it's okay. Some people stood up and started to help her mopping the floor. :) It was amazing! 

Now now, I will have to explain why I have to feel amazed, because throughout the years I stayed in Shanghai. MOST OF THE TIME, I mean, MOST OF THE TIME, the people there would definitely started grumbling if you dirty his/her bags and get annoyed and everything. They would scrunch up their noses at the smell and make those angry/annoyed faces at you. Of course there are still a lot of kind and nice people in Shanghai, but somehow a lot of people that I met there are just way cooler and not-as-friendly. :( It is a really sad thing, so I'm really amazed and happy to find that the people in Qingdao are all so friendly and helpful and kind!

That's why I have to do a shoutout to the people out there, I got a comment on my fb pic last week, a friend of mine was saying that people from mainland China are like barbarians, uncivilised people. Only those from the big cities like Shanghai, Bei Jing and Hong Kong are much more civilised, so it's very dangerous to go anywhere other than the big cities blablabla. I think I have to stand up for these people. There are a lot of people from mainland China that are actually much more civilised than a lot of the city people. 

Define civilisation. It's not that you're rich, you drive BMW or Mercedes cars and eat all those up-class food then you're a civilised person. It's something from within your soul. A person with a good and kind heart, always willing to help those in need, even if they're poor or if they don't have a decent job, I called those people the real civilised people.

Well, gee, I've written so much, but you know sometimes I just get really mad when people judge someone according to their social status and some people acting all high-up and upper class like that just because they have more money. It was just plain stupid and disgusting. 

Okay I have to stop ranting. I get carried off sometimes when I think about things LOL. I can be really serious sometimes if I want to. Hahahaha.

So after the bus ride, we arrived at the place under the protection of the super mini-sized umbrella. Which explains my wet fuzzy hair in this picture. LOL.

Some food there! :) Well we only took pictures and didn't eat anything! :)

The moment I laid my eyes on them I was like OMG ARE YOU KIDDING ME YOU GUYS EAT STARTFISH HERE?!??!?!?!?!?
I mean I'm a beach girl too but I've never see anyone eat starfish in Malaysia. LOL!!!

Some more the starfish are all like really big and lively like that. THEY BBQ IT. O.O I didn't try it because it looks really scary and I don't think it's going to be tasty in any way. Can't imagine it and don't want to. LOL.

Sea urchins!!! Hirai says these are really expensive in Japan. LOL. Like a hundred bucks for one, but in Qingdao you can get one at RMB 15 to 20! So cheap!  I didn't eat these too because I'm not really into weird-looking seafood. Hahahaha.

And btw I just realised that weird-looking pinkish colour thing at the upper left of the picture. Wth is that?!!??!

Destination 2: The Catholic Church

As you can see in the picture that place was under construction. So we just went there, sat on the staircases and rested. The rain had stopped and it was kinda misty. :)

Tourist pics is a must! Haha!

We had lunch at a very interesting restaurant. :) Very local feel and the taste was so good! :) The guys had beers and we ordered spicy clams again hahahaha!

Say hi to the cute Meng Meng! :) She's from Tian Jing. :)

They are my friends from the hostel! All super friendly and fun! :) The guy on the very left just came back from Africa. He works there. And we were like, why are you still so fair?!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHA!

Destination No.3: 八大观

Ba Da Guan is a beautiful tourism spot. :) We ended up renting the 2-person bicycles and biked along the place! So fun because we were racing each other and screaming and yelling all the time when 2 of them were getting ahead of us. Hahahaha! Just like a bunch of kids! :D

We got to the seaside and took some pictures there! The sea there was dark green and brown in colour, but it's beautiful in its own way. :) By that time the sun already comes up and shining! :) It was still a bit hazy though.

There are a lot of green seaweed on the beach!! It looks so super dirty and disgusting omg! Hahahahaa! I can't imagine these are the thing that we eat in the restaurants sometimes! Especially in those Korean cuisine??? No, wait, Japanese cuisine?? I don't remember! When I stepped on it it's all wet and squishy I was like EWWWWW NOOOOO. Hahahahhaa!

The fake-happy picture with the seaweed hahahaha!

You see there are so many seaweed on the beach!!!! At first I thought grasses were growing there lol! And the sand is reddish in colour and super coarse. It hurts when you walk barefoot on it.

Saw some wedding couples taking their wedding shots there! :)

I love the rocks there! :))))

This pic is taken by me hehehe. Cool right? :D

Destination No.4: Zhong Shan Park

Yes! They have a Zhong Shan Park in Qingdao too! :D It's really interesting, because a lot of road names and place names are the same as Shanghai! Hahahaha! They also have Nan Jing West Road etc. So at first I got confused. Hahahaha!

I get excited when I get to the park! :D I don't know it is just like the best photoshoot place. LOL.
Me fooling around.

Gorgeous lotus. :)

I'm in love with the lotus lake. :) Such vibrant and beautiful colour! :D

The sun was setting and it showered everything in its orangey light. :) I started dancing around hahahaa!

Gorgeous reflection of the sunset!

I have this really bad habit of plucking tree leaves during photoshoot! LOL! Coz I dunno what else I can do! Sorry trees! XD

Carrying the huge backpack hahahaha!

That's all for Day 2! :) Will update about Day 3 soon! :DDDD

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